Last month, Humboldt Bronco Survivor, Diabetes Advocate and Talent Bureau exclusive Kaleb Dahlgren celebrated the release of his debut book, Globe & Mail #1 Bestseller (3 weeks straight), Crossroads! The poignant but hopeful memoir follows Kaleb’s extraordinary journey from a diabetes diagnosis at age four to life after the Humboldt tragedy. Crossroads hit the Amazon Bestseller list promptly following the book’s announcement!

Praise for Crossroads!

An immediate fan favourite, thousands of Canadians (even a few hockey VIPs) commended Kaleb’s story and bravery:

“Sixteen Broncos—their eyes dance and their smiles appear everywhere in Crossroads. With anguish and hope breaking through every line, Kaleb’s book shows it’s not the end of those lives. Deeply affecting and beautiful.” – RON MACLEAN

“We never know the true meaning of courage until we face it head-on in life: Kaleb’s story is truly a story of courage. Crossroads is an amazing book that will take you back to your early days of hockey and sports and make you realize how important community and family really are. I know you will love this book and it will remind you how wonderful our country of Canada really is. Enjoy the read. Crossroads will change your life for the better.” WAYNE GRETZKY

“This story truly touched my heart. When this tragic accident happened, Canada—and really the whole world—lost so much. We are all stronger when we come together, and Crossroads honours the Broncos and their legacy in such a beautiful way.” – KAITLYN BRISTOWE

Sharing the Love

Kaleb shared his success with an intimate and heartfelt release party hosted by the one and only Ron McLean. The fireside chat allowed the audience to support him (virtually, of course) and get to know the true light that he is.

P.S. Talent Bureau partner Jeff Lohnes supported Kaleb’s year-long writing and publishing process. We’re pretty proud of him too. (#Humblebrag)


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