Kardinal Offishall Receives the CMW’s Social Justice Award

Kardinal Offishall Receives the CMW’s Social Justice Award

Canadian music icon Kardinal Offishall will be honoured with the 2023 Social Justice Award* at the Canadian Music Week Summit. In Kardinal’s 20+ year career, he has been an instrumental figure in Canadian music and a passionate philanthropist. The award acknowledges Kardinal’s role as a cultural and musical ambassador for a new wave of Canadian superstars and his commitment to making music accessible and diverse. 

Canadian Music Week’s President, Neill Dixon, described Kardinal as a “positive force for the Canadian music industry” as he leads and inspires new artists he signs and mentors.  

Kardinal first hit the scene as one of Canada’s most energetic and innovative emcees. He was quickly recognized as a global artist and has since collaborated with some of the world’s biggest musical talents, including Lady Gaga, Daniel Caesar, Drake and Rihanna.

Recently, Kardinal also took his mentorship skills to the screen, serving as a judge of Canada’s Got Talent alongside fellow Canadians Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh and Trish Stratus. 

In addition to his successful entertainment ventures, Kardinal has been an active community member, empowering youth through the arts. “Kids are heavily influenced by the arts,” he said. “Once you make philanthropy cool, you start that ripple effect within their schools, communities, and neighbourhoods.”

Kardinal has always thought that a sense of purpose has defined his career. He uses his platform to educate youth in Canada. Some of his efforts include buying out full theatres to showcase films that empower young Black women. He’s invited different community organizations to see screenings of The Women King (2022) and The Little Mermaid (2023). 

Our team has nothing but praise for Kardinal and his work. A client-favourite, Kardinal shines bright in every setting.

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This is the second Social Justice Award to be presented. The inaugural award was presented to activist and co-founder of Public Enemy, Chuck D.