These Expert Speakers Breakdown Financial Woes & Foes.

Amid bank failures, financial instability, and growing interest rates, our roster of economic experts offers audiences a piece of mind to navigate the unknown.

Consider these experts to help make sense of these complex issues:

Ron Insana
 – Financial journalist, commentator, and author with over 30 years of experience covering financial markets. He is currently a contributor to CNBC and MSNBC, where he provides analysis of economic and financial trends.

Geoff Colvin – Bestselling author and senior editor-at-large at Fortune Magazine. He covers various topics, including the future of work, leadership, and economic trends.

Linda Nazareth – Economist, author, and speaker specializing in global demographic and economic trends. She has worked as a senior economist at CIBC and is currently a contributor to CTV News.

Andrew Coyne – National Post columnist and a regular commentator on political and economic issues. He is known for his insightful analysis and sharp commentary on economic policies and trends.

John Baird – Former Canadian cabinet minister and member of parliament who has also worked in the private sector as a consultant. He brings a wealth of experience in both politics and business to his analysis of economic issues.

Sherry Cooper – Former chief economist at BMO Financial Group and author of several economics and personal finance books. She is a frequent commentator on global and Canadian economic issues.

Jeff Rubin – Economist and author who has worked as a chief economist at CIBC World Markets. He is known for his expertise on energy markets and the impact of oil prices on the global economy.

David Dodge – Sr. Advisor at Bennett Jones LLP, who has also served as a senior official in the federal government. He is the former governor of the Bank of Canada. He provides expert analysis of economic policies and trends.

Steven Poloz – Former Governor of the Bank of Canada. He brings a plethora of insightful knowledge of monetary policy and economic analysis to his commentary on current economic issues.

Jack Mintz – Economist and professor at the University of Calgary specializing in tax policy and fiscal issues. He has advised governments and businesses worldwide on economic policies and is a frequent commentator on tax and budgetary issues.

These trusted experts will help you and your audience understand the constantly changing economic landscape and filter through the overwhelming amount of news and information available daily. Their valuable insights are essential for staying ahead of economic trends and making informed decisions about your financial future.