Retail expert Andrew Au on the ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) will power retail growth.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) changes the way business works.

In episode one of Competitive Edge, Andrew Au talks about the future of grocery shopping. With growing developments in AI, we are not far from smart kitchens. These smart kitchens would monitor human patterns and self-restock.

To thrive in business, grocers must invest in AI platform. Currently, 10% of US shoppers buy their groceries online. This number is constantly growing. AI can help both the consumer and the business be as efficient as possible.


The Competitive Edge SeriesBusiness Insider teams up with AT&T for AI tips

Business Insider teamed up with five futurists to illustrate that changing landscape in a video series. Competitive Edge presents the visions of five futurists and their visions of the future of industries that affect us all. Apart from tech talk, the series of videos also illustrates the importance of a medium-sized business. Some of the greatest ideas and innovations are born out of medium-sized businesses.

About Andrew:

Andrew Au was named a millennial whisperer by Forbes. He is the co-founder of INTERCEPT- a strategic management consultancy based in Toronto and Boston. Also, he is also the President of SCOPIUM AI- a healthcare startup dedicated to improving patient care, and medical costs using Artifical Intelligence.

Furthermore, Andrew works with globals brands to help them transition into new changes in work culture.

Take a look at Andrew’s Business Insider (BI) campaign, HERE.