Have you ever tried to hold a motivational meeting in your company on your own? It can be incredibly difficult, especially if you get along well with all the members of your organization; they’ll see you as a friend, colleague, and leader, but they don’t see you as…different. Motivation is often found in something that’s different, a shift in perspective. It can also be found in fame; hearing someone who has had unprecedented success speak can be a lot more moving than seeing someone you know. That’s why the best way to inspire, entertain and drive change is by hiring a speaker.

The first reason you want to hire a speaker is experience; notably, that the speaker’s experience will be markedly different than anyone else in the company’s, but with some similarities. Their claim to fame might be sports excellence or an innovative product, but the way they got there was almost invariably with a positive mindset, hard work, and good habits; practices and techniques that can be implemented and have already been implemented in many organizations. When something is quite different from our own experience but still tangential, it becomes easier to fold the lessons from that experience into our way of thinking.

You’ll also want someone from outside the fold for excitement. When big names are coming to speak, you’ll get a lot of buy-in from the members of your organization; it’s likely they’ve heard about the speaker in the news, or even that the speaker is a hero of some members. The chance to hear your hero speak is not one you’ll take likely, and that excitement will help propel positive change in the organization; when Bill Walton acknowledges you, you’re going to feel like a million bucks. Excitement is energy, and well-energized members generate results.

Finally, you want excellence, and great speakers provide. These are individuals who have truly gone above and beyond, turned their vision into reality. When your team has ambitious goals ahead of them, or if they’re wondering whether or not the effort is worth the payoff, having someone to say “Hey, I’ve been where you are, and look where I am now” credibly is tremendously motivating. When you have someone who’s faced the challenges, slain the proverbial dragon and triumphed saying “you can do it, too”, and giving the techniques and tools necessary to make that change; well, that’s a meeting worth going to.

Experience, excitement, and excellence; these are the reasons why it’s import to hire speakers if you want to see organization-wide engagement. They’ll help inspire everyone in the organization, give you concrete strategies on how they’ve found their success, and help you innovate in ways you never thought possible. Speakers can unlock incredible latent energy in your organization, put a smile on your face and take your organization to the next level of success. They do so with dynamic and engaging presentations that are sure to wow you, so find a great speaker who inspires and excites you, and hire them today!