Turn Me On

With Bryde Maclean & Jeremie Saunders

The Turn Me On (TMO) Podcast is a married couple’s quest for meaningful conversations surrounding sex and relationships. 


Married, polyamorous, and unquenchably curious, Jeremie Saunders (Sickboy) & Bryde Maclean birthed the podcast to share weekly updates on life, love, and all everything in between. Carefully curated, TMO brings the expertise of psychologists, researchers, sex workers, and sex tech leaders to listeners worldwide. With thoughtfulness and intelligence, this dynamic duo and their guests educate audiences on the inner lives and minds of sexual beings worldwide.

Live Recording & Keynotes


As a keynote or a live podcast recording, TMO creates a fun, accessible approach to vital topics.

  • Relationships: Exploring the dynamic of relationships
  • Mental Health & Relationships 
  • Intimacy
  • Sexual Hygiene & Safety
  • Consent
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