Tony Chapman

Conference Host | Moderator | Interviewer | Radio and Podcast Host


Tony Chapman is one of Canada’s most sought-after keynote speakers known for his marketing, branding, and business strategy expertise. With over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur and marketing professional, Chapman has worked with some of the world’s leading brands. He is widely recognized for his innovative ideas and insights.


Chapman has been inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends and the Canadian Advertising and PR Hall of Fame, cementing his status as a true industry icon. He has also inspired audiences worldwide, having spoken in China, Brazil, Warsaw, Scotland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and North America.


In addition to his work as a speaker, Chapman hosts the popular radio show “Chatter that Matters,” where he interviews influential leaders and entrepreneurs about their experiences and perspectives. He is also a regular commentator on various television and radio programs, and industry publications frequently seek his opinions.


Chapman’s speaking style is engaging, energetic, and highly informative, drawing on his extensive experience and knowledge to provide actionable insights and practical advice. He is passionate about helping organizations succeed in an ever-changing business landscape, and his presentations are tailored to meet each audience’s specific needs and challenges.


Whether you’re looking to inspire your team, spark new ideas, or gain a deeper understanding of marketing and branding, Tony Chapman is a speaker who is sure to make an impact.

Conference Host 


Tony is an experienced and dynamic conference host, bringing his journalistic skills and engaging stage presence to events of all sizes. As a third-party moderator, Tony sets the tone for the event, establishing the value proposition and building interest among the audience. Throughout the conference, he keeps attendees engaged and informed, animating the theme, connecting the dots, and asking the questions the audience wants answering.


Tony is an exceptional moderator and a ‘fireside’ chat interviewer, able to adapt to the needs of both speakers and attendees. He synthesizes key learnings and takeaways to ensure that attendees leave with a solid understanding of the material covered.


With Tony as your conference host, you can be assured that your event will be engaging, informative, and well-organized. His diverse skills and ability to think independently make him a valuable asset for any conference or event.”

Tony Chapman on Marketing Jam


Stop Telling Your Story; Become Part of Theirs

Attention is the oxygen of human endeavour.  Attention breathes life into leading, mentoring, inspiring, marketing, selling, collaborating, and creating.  The challenge is that with too much content and too many messages competing for a finite amount of time, capturing and holding attention is becoming increasingly challenging.


In this enlightening, entertaining, and actionable keynote, Chapman shares practical insights on how brands and initiatives can get the attention they deserve. 


Drawing upon case studies from around the world, Chapman illustrates how brands have successfully used storytelling to capture attention and achieve their goals.


Chapman takes it one step further by personalizing the storytelling model to apply it to your business. By doing so, he offers a practical roadmap for creating compelling stories that inspire action.

From the Place to Buy to the Place to Be

Tony Chapman’s keynote “From a Place to Buy to the Place to Be” is a must-see for retailers and brands that depend on physical stores. Chapman breaks down the six Pillars of retail – Premise, Products, Place, Promotion, Price and People and how online retailers are taking a sledgehammer to all but people.


Tony contends that to counter, retailers and their vendors must shift the narrative from a place to buy to a place to be. Consumers today want to be entertained, enlightened, energized, informed, excited, and, most importantly, welcomed. By transforming their physical spaces into destinations that fulfill these desires, retailers can create a memorable experience that drives traffic and basket. With case studies drawn from around the world, combined with insights and ideas personalized for the audience.

Stand For to Stand Out

Tony Chapman’s new keynote, Stand For to Stand Up, challenges brands to move beyond the pursuit of profit and market share and instead stand for a higher purpose. In today’s noisy and cynical world, it’s becoming more work for brands to differentiate themselves. Still, those that stand out are the ones that lend their voice to a meaningful cause. Whether it’s Patagonia’s environmental focus, Dove’s promotion of natural beauty, or grocery stores reducing food waste, purpose-driven brands create loyalty with consumers and employees.


In his keynote, Tony shares examples of brands that have successfully stood for a higher purpose and, in doing so, have significantly impacted society. However, he also warns of the danger of brands using a higher purpose as a marketing tactic to draw attention and gain short-term benefits rather than making it an integral part of their DNA.


Through his keynote, Tony inspires brands to be courageous, take a stand, and become a force for good in the world. By doing so, brands can build a loyal following of customers and employees passionate about their mission and purpose, leading to long-term success and a positive impact on the world.

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