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Taryn Stejskal Ph.D.

Former Head, Nike’s Global Executive Leadership Development
Current Head of Executive Development & Talent Strategy and Planning, Nike

Taryn Stejskal Ph.D. is one of the leading authorities on Resilience Leadership.  She was named the head of Nike’s global leadership training. Her work at Nike is resonating throughout the Fortune 500 circle.  As Taryn describes it, “We are a world in which our human experience is defined by facing challenge, change, and complexity on an order of magnitude to which prior generations have not been exposed. The concept of resilience is built on the very ideology that we have the capacity to face hard things: trauma, loss, misfortune, and the like, and come out on the other side; not diminished, but instead, enhanced.”

“When we are operating from a place of full potential, we have the greatest capacity to positively impact our world.”


From Fried to Flourishing:  Challenge, Change, and Complexity


In her riveting presentations, Taryn Stejskal explores the three ways to combat challenge, change, and complexity that provide a roadmap to resilience. Challenge is placed in our path, not to make us falter, but to form us. Change is one of the few constants. We live in an age when humans are exposed to the greatest volume and complexity of information. The workplace is no different. Both the level of change, and the speed of change can be exhausting, wreaking havoc on engagement, and many times, leading to reduced productivity, even burnout. In these moments, Resilience becomes a force multiplier to transform adversity into an advantage.


The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People


Taryn Stejskal explores her research on what makes people resilient, providing a framework to guide our behaviour during times of challenge, change, and complexity. We know quite a bit about resilient thinking through work by Carol Dweck on Growth Mindset and Positive Psychology, but we know significantly less about resilient doing, the actions we can take on to behave in a resilient manner. The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People expands our understanding of resilient behaviour in order to prepare us for stress during times of challenge.

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