Tamara Beatty

Voice Coach Consultant, NBC’s “The Voice”

Communication and Content Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies


Tamara Beatty is entering her ninth season as a Voice Coach Consultant on the NBC Emmy Award-winning show “The Voice”, has over two decades of experience as a voice and performance coach, is a former competitive athlete coached by three Olympic coaches, and is a highly sought after consultant in the fields of education and entertainment.


She has created and co-authored materials that educate singers and singing instructors around the world and has instructionally designed online courses for some of Canada’s largest oil and gas, telecommunications, banking, and HR companies. In addition, Tamara has been a guest speaker, adjudicator, panelist, and consultant for various national and international events. Tamara draws on the two seemingly opposite worlds of the music industry and corporate and provides unique insights into how professionals can be more effective and powerful as speakers, leaders, salespeople, and communicators by using various voice and performance techniques, discovering their “IT” Factors, and speaking, living, and leading from their ‘actual’ voices.


How do you show up so that you are remembered over everyone else? What ways do you articulate your message so that millions respond to you? Coach, speaker, and educator Tamara Beatty makes her living by finding and drawing out the unique qualities inside each individual that make them memorable and even ‘brandable’, building the right skills to change amateur ‘performances’ into professional ones, and shaping ‘content’ so audiences see you as an authority and want to take action on you. Join her for one of her unique and compelling talks, or transformational live coaching sessions.

In unrelated news, Tamara’s favourite foods are her mother’s homemade buns and rice pilaf.


The Power of Your ‘Actual’ Voice – How to Speak, Live, Lead #withacapitalV

As a voice coach of 25 years, Tamara has had the privilege of working on the many different layers of the voice- training the physical voice, accessing the bigger silent voice that lives behind it, and removing blocks that prevent a voice from ringing true when you hear it. In this informational and inspirational talk, Tamara reflects on her 25 years as a voice and performance coach and how she’s helped singers, celebrities, business professionals and even victims of abuse find and use the power of their ‘actual’ voices. This power stretches far beyond a voice’s ability to make sound and deliver information. If you want to stand out and be remembered, there are things you can do with your voice to make people want to keep listening to you as a presenter, leader, or salesperson, and there are things you may be doing that cause them to tune you out or overlook you. You can also access the bigger voice behind your words to help keep you on the right path, and take steps that lead you to your fullest potential. Whether you’re a singer, speaker, or business professional, knowing how to access all aspects of your ‘actual’ voice is powerful beyond words.


Key Takeaways:

  • How to use the techniques entertainers use to find your voice’s optimal pitch and pacing in business for leading, selling, and compelling.
  • How to stand out and be heard among the rest by knowing how to manage the blocks and bridge the gap between your physical speaking voice and the bigger voice behind it (the one that people remember)
  • How to harness the unseen power of your ‘actual’ voice in life and in business by knowing how to speak, live, lead #withacapitalV



Get Your “IT” Together – Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness

Tamara discusses the power of the intangible to take your game to the next level. When everyone you’re up against is skilled and competent, what is it that compels others to take action on you – whether that action involves wanting to work with you, invest in you, promote you, or choose you over someone else to get the job done? Tamara is known in the music industry as someone who can turn amateur performances into professional ones in mere minutes. In this dynamic and one of a kind talk, Tamara shares stories about the way she uses elite voice and performance techniques, mines out “IT” Factors, and shapes ‘content’ to help singers and professionals alike to communicate, compel, and captivate at the highest level.


Key Takeaways:

  • A new way of looking at your strategic advantage. How knowing your IT Factor(s) can help you stand out in-person, on camera, and via teleconferencing
  • How to use various techniques used by top entertainers as well as specific instructional design methods to effectively shape ‘content’ that packs a punch
  • 3 elite voice and performance techniques that allow you to instantly be more compelling, memorable, and effective in your delivery as a presenter, salesperson, speaker or leader



Harness Your Greatness – Walk your Own Path, Blaze your Own Trail

It all begins with a spark. A tiny inspiration of something you want to do, or be, or follow. It may be something you’ve been aware of your whole life, something you’re just taking notice of, or something you’re waiting for. No matter how you describe it, it’s greatness. And it’s in you. The problem is that on this exciting path to being your best, which involves a combination of inspiration, drive, perseverance, and a whole lot more, it can start to feel hard, confusing, and frustrating. That’s because accomplishment can quickly turn into pressure. And because there’s a big difference between what you achieve and strive for, and what is the greatness in you. In this uplifting talk, Tamara shares her journey of living in small town Alberta with a big dream, and the insights she has learned along the way to take her to working on one of the world’s most popular reality TV series.


Key Takeaways:

  • The knowingness that greatness lives in you – how to spark it, fuel it, and keep it burning so that you can walk your own path or blaze your own trail (or help others blaze theirs)
  • How to access your ultimate capacity, creativity, and best performance in daily life as well as in high pressure situations by implementing high performance techniques used by elite athletes and entertainers
  • A 5-Step Way of Working that you can follow to allow you to create, produce, and execute with maximum benefits and returns and avoid burnout



The Power of “Seeing” – An Educator’s Underestimated Edge

Most of us can recall teachers, leaders, or individuals who changed the course of our lives for the better. And as teachers ourselves, we inherently want to impart knowledge and equip our students with the tools they need to grow and thrive. But with mounting pressures and the grind of everyday, it can be easy to lose touch with one of our most important roles as educators – to help students embrace their natural abilities so that they may live the life they were meant to. In this inspirational and enlightening talk, Tamara reflects on how being “seen” allowed her gifts to flourish to live a life beyond her dreams, now working as a coach and mentor on NBC’s “The Voice”. How did a school teacher who started her career in rural Alberta become employed by one of the biggest and most successful shows in television? The answer: a culmination of events which began with specific teachers and individuals who were skilled in the art and power of ‘seeing’.


Key Notes

  • A new perspective on our role as educators and how we motivate, inspire, and equip students to achieve
  • “Seeing Theory” to quickly build trust, get results, and allow students to thrive
  • A unique way of drawing out a student’s best – by getting out of the way


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