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A leading thinker on the concept of privilege and what to do with/about it | Author, Coin Model of Privilege and Critical Allyship: Implications for Health

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Stephanie Nixon, Ph.D. is a Full Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute and Dalla Lana School of Public Health, at the University of Toronto. She has been a physiotherapist, HIV activist and global health researcher for 20 years. She completed her Ph.D. in Public Health and Bioethics in 2006 at the University of Toronto, and a post-doc at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa from 2006-2008. Stephanie is co-founder of the International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation. Stephanie is a straight, white, middle-class, able-bodied, cisgender, settler woman who tries to understand the pervasive effects of privilege. In particular, she explores how systems of oppression shape health and community care, research and education, and the role of people in positions of unearned advantage in disrupting these harmful patterns.

Stephanie developed the Coin Model of Privilege and Critical Allyship as a way to translate core ideas about anti-oppression and anti-racism to people in positions of unearned advantage. She has conducted workshops on the Coin Model with more than 100 groups including universities, hospitals, community-based organizations, and professional associations across Canada and internationally. A number of open-access resources are available on the Coin Model of Privilege and Critical Allyship, which folks are welcome to use and share however helpful. Stephanie also provides leadership training on privilege using the Coin Model, in the form of 60-90-minute presentations, half-day or full-day workshops, or one-on-one training with senior leaders.

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