Shane Gibson

Thought Leader on Social Selling & Digital Marketing

Author, Sociable! How Social Media Is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside Down

Shane Gibson is an international speaker and author who has addressed over 100,000 people on stages in North America, Southern Africa, India, Asia and South America. He is a widely sought after thought leader on the topics of social selling and digital marketing.


Shane’s books include Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside Down, Closing Bigger the Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals and his book published by Entrepreneur Press (McGraw Hill) called Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson. Shane is also Canada’s only Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer personally trained and mentored by Jay Conrad Levinson.


Blogging since 2002 and podcasting since 2004, Shane drives the majority of his business from social media. He has been published in numerous publications as an authority on the topics of leadership, marketing, social media, and sales performance. Some of these publications include CMA Magazine, the Financial Post, the Globe and Mail, and Profit Magazine. He is also a regular contributor to the Business in Vancouver digital edition.


When he’s not working or tweeting you can find Shane hiking or skiing in British Columbia’s Coast Mountain range with his family.


“If you have time to judge other people, you have way too much time on your hands. Get off your ass and do something meaningful.”


Nanotribes: Becoming a Leader in the Intimacy Revolution

It’s time to get real about social media. We now have over 1.3 billion people and companies using social media daily. Everyone is on it, so it is assumed to be a viable platform for communications, building relationships and growing businesses. The reality is, as much as social media has become a great communications channel, it has also become of waste of time and in many cases counterproductive.


After 8 years of blogging, 7 years podcasting and hundreds of seminars on social media Shane Gibson had an epiphany – somewhere along the way we forgot the goal and the purpose of social networking and social media. It’s about building relationships, community and driving business and personal value. Nanotribes is about rediscovering the lost art of connecting – while still staying plugged into the very digital marketplace.


This seminar can be customized for community groups, corporate environments or audiences of individuals. In this session you and your audience will learn:

  • Social media monitoring and communications tools that can help you tap into local markets and niches (finding and building Nanotribes)
  • The difference between destructive and productive social media use
  • The secrets of master rapport builders and connectors
  • How to use the internet to get off the internet and build real relationships
  • Why limiting your time in front of a digital device makes you more productive
  • How to build a team of digital relationship builders and put the “social” back into social media


How to Use Social Selling to Crush Your Sales Quota

Social media and social networks are becoming vital sources for prospecting, lead generation and client engagement. In fact, a recent study of over 500 sales professionals found that 72.6% of sales professionals that use social media outperformed their peers that don’t. This of course is only true if you have a solid strategy and process to use social media as a tool – not a distraction.


In this session Shane Gibson will share with you:

  • The Rules of Engagement in social media for sales professionals
  • How to define and hone in on your target “nano-markets” online
  • How your social graph impacts your ability to close deals and generate leads.
  • How to maximize your LinkedIn profile so that it attracts clients.
  • How becoming an expert content curator can build credibility and influence on LinkedIn.
  • Key social search and social media monitoring tools to find opportunities and gather business intelligence.
  • How tools like Hootsuite and social CRM can pull all your social networking together and make it easier and profitable to manage.


Leading the Socialized Enterprise: Key Strategies for Using Social Media Profitably in Any Enterprise

Shane Gibson is Chief Social Officer of Socialized! Agency, a Vancouver based social media agency that has worked hands-on with brands such as Ford, CGA Canada, CGA BC, Wizard World, DTM Systems, CDC Software, Make-a-Wish BC & Yukon and many other major organizations. Shane will share his in-the-trenches insights on what your organization can do to use social media profitably in his keynote “Leading the Socialized! Enterprise.”


In this fast paced session Shane Gibson will share with your audience:

  • Why your organization needs to be social
  • The top 10 digital marketing trends and tools you can harness for business success
  • What key metrics are important in measuring social media ROI
  • Key steps in fully implementing social media best practices in your organization
  • Tools, tips and technology solutions for measuring, monitoring and managing social media.
  • How to break down the silos and use social media to improve all parts of your business.


Driving ROI with Social Selling

Social media and social networks have become vital sources for prospecting, lead generation, client engagement and service. In fact a recent study of over 500 sales professionals found that 72.6% of sales professionals that use social media outperformed their peers that don’t.


In addition to social media literacy and insights today’s sales organizations need a bullet-proof sales process and strategy as well. The line between sales and marketing strategy as well as customer and vendor has become blurred. Today’s sales and marketing processes must be aligned and customer centric.


In this fast paced keynote Shane Gibson will share with you:


  • The 9 Immutable Rules of Engagement in social media and social selling
  • The 5 Key Steps of the Social Sales Funnel
  • How your social graph can help you close deals and generate leads.
  • Sales hacks for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook that will fill your sales funnel
  • How to become an expert content curator that can build credibility and attract business
  • Key social search and social sales and monitoring tools to find opportunities, gather business intelligence and keep your sales process organized

LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn numbers over 380 million members which includes every Fortune 500 company, major government organization, most entrepreneurs in major city centers and 50% of recent university grads in North America. It represents a sea of opportunity for those people looking to attract prospects, retain clients and grow our revenue base.   

Many of us are already busy – what we need to succeed with LinkedIn is a strategy that is easy to implement and can executed in a time efficient manner.

In this fast paced keynote presentation Shane Gibson will show you and your attendees:

  • How to go from a product peddler to thought leader and trusted advisor using LinkedIn updates, groups, one-to-one conversations and personalized connections
  • How to build a media-rich LinkedIn profile that builds credibility and sells for you
  • How to prospect and make connections using LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn tips on saving time while keeping your target market engaged
  • LinkedIn Search and LinkedIn Groups best practices
  • Tools and Tips for increasing your contact base

Exponential Selling Strategies

Closing in sales is a process not an event. Your organizational sales success is not about one bold stroke recruiting talented sales people, it’s about having a strong process, sales playbook and the technology to execute it consistently. Tomorrows channel leaders need to have well developed people and technology strategies. In this session Shane Gibson will share:

  • The 3 vital components of a successful sales process
  • The impact that CRM and social media use has on quota attainment
  • The 6 types of SaaS/Cloud based sales tools your team needs to use to compete and win
  • Sales coaching tips and processes for sales leadership

Enterprise Sales Success

Building and executing a strong B2B and Large Account Selling program

The path to consistently close large accounts is about having a solid proven process to attract, develop and close large accounts – and then working that plan intensely. If you’re looking to attract larger clients, increase the average size of your deals or just shorten your sales cycle this topic is for you and your team.


    • How to navigate the “Power Player Network” of multiple decision makers
    • A step-by-step system to solidify long-term business relationships
    • Insights on selling to the C-Suite (senior decision makers)
    • How to sell intangibles and services at the enterprise level
    • Tips and insights from Shane’s 20+ years in B2B sales
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