Sébastien Sasseville

Change Management and Leadership Expert
Athlete | Author, One Step at a Time

Sébastien Sasseville empowers leaders to lead with purpose and inspires organizations to embrace change. 


In 2002,  Sébastien was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes- the most severe form of the disease. Faced with this challenge, he promised himself that his diagnosis would never keep him from living life to the fullest. In less than a decade, Sébastien Sasseville reached the summit of Mount Everest and completed the legendary Sahara race. Today, his story inspires audiences to turn their obstacles into opportunities. 


Sébastien had occupied diverse roles in Fortune 500 companies. His experiences in the corporate world have provided him with a deep understanding of the most pressing business challenges. With his corporate knowledge and unique life achievements, Sébastien is able to deliver dynamic messages on leadership, teamwork and change management. 


Whether in the elements or in business, Sébastien stresses the power of agility. Agility is important when it comes to being open to the power of change and transformation. Sébastien believes that when we face a transformation, we must sometimes accept that the transformation doesn’t come with all the answers.  By taking a first step and allowing the experience to unfold, we can often find the answers along the path to transformation. 


 Fully bilingual, Sébastien has been featured in media including the CBC, TSN, The Huffington Post, CTV, Global TV, Radio-Canada, and countless newspapers.

Sébastien ran 7500 KM across Canada in 9 months. This is equivalent to 185 marathons!



Sebastien’s extraordinary accomplishments are made all the more impressive by the fact that he lives with Type 1 Diabetes. Guided by his purpose to inspire kids living with the same condition, he has reached high levels of professional success. Sasseville raised over three million dollars in sponsorship to fund his projects and their supporting global marketing campaigns. Sasseville also spent the first 10 years of his career in sales roles for Fortune 500 organizations. A brilliant storyteller, he makes powerful connections between sports and business to help leaders create engagement and win. 



Top organizations are in a constant evolution — continuously transforming, and most importantly, always moving forward. From Mount Everest to the Sahara to running across Canada, Sébastien Sasseville had to had to learn how to maintain peak performance while in rapidly changing environments to survive and conquer. He walks organizations through the keys to creating corporate agility and achieving successful transformation — embracing discomfort and building resiliency — while showing leaders how to inspire forward-thinking and high-performing teams.



Sébastien Sasseville inspires teams in large corporations to avoid unintentional complacency and to take a first step, every day. Over 500 presentations delivered in America, Europe and Asia. Hundreds of rave reviews, a guaranteed WOW for your event!

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