Saul Colt

North America’s Top Word of Mouth Marketer




Saul Colt is the Founder and Creative Director of SAUL COLT – The Idea Integration Company. During his career he has been named one of the iMEDIA 25: Internet Marketing Leaders & Innovators and is considered one of Canada’s best community builders/experiential marketers. NYT Best Selling author and Internet Pioneer Chris Brogan once referred to Saul as “exactly who you want representing your company” and that message has been echoed by media properties ranging from Inc to Forbes Magazine.


In a previous life Saul was the first international employee of Zipcar and the person responsible for launching Zipcar into the Canadian marketplace, was a key contributor to the growth of FreshBooks.com (The #1 Cloud Accounting service for Small Business Owners) and even knows what it is like to work for a large corporation from his time in a leadership role at Rogers Communications and Xero.com. Saul has spoken at Stanford University, NYU, 92Y, CES and SXSW and offers consulting services specializing in Word of Mouth Marketing, Stunt Marketing, Social Media, Customer Experience, and Community Building. Saul loves all people, especially women, and is tired of people asking him to remove his shirt. In his free time he collects Nike Air Force One sneakers, watches lots of movies and just happens to be the Smartest Man in the World.


In unrelated news, Saul is obsessed with sneakers.


Saul Colt’s Marketing Risk – or How to Find Your First 1000 Customers

It has often been debated whether marketing is an art or a science. The truth is that it’s both, but in a specific order. Without the art you have nothing to which you can apply the science, and we all know that great marketing is a blend of strategy and ideas. In this highly actionable talk, Saul Colt will go over both and set you on your way to success in finding the first 1000 customers for your small business or startup, or your first 100,000 customers if you are a larger organization.


Creative Marketing For Your Business

People are smarter and more sceptical of advertising and marketing than ever before. That doesn’t mean you give up, it just means you do things differently. Saul Colt will walk you through his formula and offer actual examples of how to cut through the noise and connect with people, make fans and have people actually wondering what your company will do next.


Laugh, Think, Cry.

Saul Colt was instrumental in building two high profile and recognizable North American brands. When asked how he did it he always says “I made love to the customers.” Funny thing is he isn’t kidding- well, except for the making love part. What he actually did was make them Laugh, Think and Cry. In this talk Saul Colt shares the formula for Laugh, Think, Cry as well as several examples of how he used it first hand to help grow brands and fans.


Business Courage

Throughout his career Saul Colt has been told he has some balls. The comments come from some of the marketing stunts he has pulled off. Stunts like re-creating an Evel Kneivel jump over school busses to sell an accounting softwear to driving across America to have three meals a day with over 1000 customers. This talk isn’t about the stunts themselves, but why you should be making crazy ideas a priority.

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