Robert Buren

Robert Buren

Canadian Paraplegic Athlete
Ironman Triathlete and Entrepreneur

Robert Buren had been thrust into an unknown world of paraplegia at the age of 37. He broke his back in a mountain biking accident, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. As he lay in the forest waiting to be rescued, he started questioning how he would continue to live if he couldn’t walk. Robert knew that he would have to find a way to adapt. His wife and two daughters would help him do so.


Since that fateful day in 2008, Robert has achieved incredible accomplishments. He has put everything he has into challenging himself to what many others think should be impossible. From water sports to mountain biking, there is no stopping him. In fact, Robert went on to become the first Canadian paraplegic to complete in one of the world’s toughest endurance events- The Ironman Triathlon. This 226 KM competition challenged Robert’s mental and physical strength. He swam, hand-cycled and pushed his wheelchair to the finish. He became Canada’s first paraplegic to complete this epic event..


Ultimately, the endless pursuit of goals is what keeps Robert living a full and meaningful life.


Combining his drive to accomplish goals with his love of entertaining, Robert is happy to share the lessons he has learned on his journey thus far. He wants to teach audiences to challenge themselves to make the most of the abilities they have. He believes that we all face challenges in life- what defines us is how we respond to them. 

Bonus Video: Watch Robert at the Top Ten Event in Toronto HERE.


My Ironman Experience: Achieving The Impossible

Four weeks after breaking his back in a mountain biking accident, Robert was doing laps around the hospital in a hand-cycle. He’s addicted to breaking boundaries and pushing his limits. Robert shares his 5 year journey from broken back to becoming an IRONMAN.

Attitude is Everything

Breaking his back has taught Robert to focus on finding ways to make the best of each day. The approach is simple; the challenge is in the execution. Robert will share his colourful story of how he became the first Canadian paraplegic to complete the 226km IRONMAN Triathlon. He will share lessons learned along the way, to help you find the motivation to accomplish your dreams.

The Key to Success: Motivation, Goals, Resolve

Robert has figured out the key to moving forward despite being faced with one of the biggest obstacles anyone can face. The principles around motivation, goals and resolve can be applied to anyone, and Robert will inspire his audience with a look into how he lives and breathes these principles every day.