Ricky Forbes

Professional Storm Chaser & Action Adventurer

Ricky is the driver for one of North America’s best professional storm chasing teams, and star of the hit show Tornado Hunters. Additionally, he has hosted “Woods’ Canada’s Greatest Explorer” and Much Music’s “Far and Wide.” 


After a few stifling years in finance, Ricky – who grew up riding dirt bikes and snowboarding in rural Saskatchewan- ditched the suits in favour of driving directly into some of Earth’s wildest storms. His adventure-oriented show has gained Ricky the prominent position as one of Canada’s most popular social media influencers. His expertise in social media marketing led to the creation of Blue Moose Media – Western Canada’s most successful training company for digital marketing.


When Ricky isn’t busy hunting dangerous tornadoes, you’ll find this Saskatchewan native exploring our beautiful planet, pursuing his next wild adventure!

Over the past 4 seasons with the Tornado Hunters, Ricky has put on over 250,000km, crossed 3 provinces, and 26 states catching over 75 tornadoes.


Goal Setting and Goal Getting

As one of the world’s leading storm chasers, Ricky Forbes knows how to go after a goal. From starring in the hit TV show Tornado Hunters to being caught in the world’s largest tornado, he has experienced some of the most exhilarating highs and devastating lows in the pursuit of excellence. 

Not everyone needs to chase storms to appreciate the satisfaction and character-building that comes from having a plan and seeing it through. Through dynamic storytelling and powerful imagery, Ricky will teach your audiences how to set and achieve goals. He will break down the daily steps to greatness, and share how he manages to stick to his goals in the face of challenges, including a near-death experience. 

Audiences will leave invigorated and determined to bring their best self to their daily work. For it is in the chase, that we find our true purpose and our happiness.

Top 10 Tips to Grow Your Business on Social Media

This one-hour presentation gets right down to the nuts and bolts. Outlining the top social media tools and strategies he has learned through years of trial and error, Ricky conveys how he built his own following to over 500,000. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting into social media, you will walk away with actionable information that will start showing results immediately. This presentation can be laid out in a normal keynote or a full day workshop series.

Life as a Professional Storm Chaser & Building a Business in the Wild West of Social Media

It all started out with a dream, to turn a hobby into a career. Struggling to make money, Ricky made the most of his passion through learning how to use social media for business. Throughout years of trial and error, his storm-chasing team built a social media following big enough that we were able to get a TV show from it. Ricky tells his story through dynamic photos and videos, taking your audience through his journey of transforming an adventure hobby into a powerful business. Ricky weaves his top social media tips throughout the presentation, leaving audience members equipped to transform their social media strategy and see immediate results.

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