Peter Mansbridge

Award-winning Journalist | Former Chief Correspondent for CBC News & Anchor of The National

Described as the calm, reassuring, informative voice of Canada, Peter Mansbridge has become one of the most respected journalists in the country and is praised as ‘setting the platinum standard.’ Mansbridge is best known as the award-winning anchor of CBC’s flagship news program, The National, and for his 30-year tenure as chief correspondent of CBC News, where his voice and insights came into our homes every night. After a lengthy career with CBC spanning over 50 years, Peter Mansbridge wrapped his 30-year tenure as chief correspondent of CBD News and anchor of The National in July of 2017.

During his extensive career, Mansbridge developed a reputation for calmly covering some of the world’s biggest events, including the fall of the Berlin Wall and the terrorist attacks of September 2001. He also brought joyous news to the screen of millions of Canadians when anchoring 13 Olympic Games, 34 Canada Day celebrations, 12 Remembrance Day ceremonies, Royal weddings, and more.  A veteran journalist, Mansbridge conducted an estimated 15,000 interviews with Canadian and global leaders (including Prime Ministers Mulroney, Trudeau, and Chretien and President Barack Obama) and entertainment greats such as Sidney Crosby and the late Gord Downie. 

A multiple national award winner for excellence in broadcast journalism, Mansbridge has been bestowed honorary degrees from numerous Canadian universities.  Mr. Mansbridge has also been recognized as a leader in journalism by prestigious institutions across the United States and the United Kingdom.  Named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2008, Mansbridge was also inducted into the Canadians News Hall of Fame and awarded a Lifetime Achievement Honour by the RTDNA.

Currently, Mansbridge regularly hosts “The Bridge,” a podcast that reflects the issues of the days and covers topics ranging from politics and public health to technology. Additionally, he develops documentary films and has authored three books, including the #1 bestselling biography Off the Record (2021), Extraordinary Canadians (2020), and One on One: Favourite Conversations and the Stories Behind Them (2009).

For fun, Peter Mansbridge likes to dabble in new and exciting projects. You may have heard his voice used as co-anchor “Peter Moosebridge” in Disney’s 2016 animated film, Zootopia.


Extraordinary Canadians: Stories from the Heart of our Nation


Peter Mansbridge celebrates Canada’s heritage by exploring the stores of remarkable Canadians who embody the values of our great nation—kindness, compassion, courage, and freedom—and inspire us to do the same.


Key Takeaways:

  • How a shared national story has shaped Canadians, both as individuals and as a collective
  • How we are all helping to write and re-write Canada’s story everyday
  • What makes a great leader, and how can we achieve that, whether in politics, academia, or business

Trust & Truth in Crisis: What Does It Mean for Leaders?


Drawing from his distinct experience interviewing some of the world’s greatest leaders, Peter Mansbridge explores how two of the key pillars of our society — trust and truth — have been jeopardized. Moving beyond politics and media, Peter outlines the truth crisis we are facing and the role trust plays in establishing credibility and long-term success across all industries.


Key Takeaways:

  • A better understanding of the ways politics affect businesses
  • What a deviation from trust and truth looks like
  • How leaders can cultivate trust
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