Paul Nadeau

Hostage and Crisis Negotiator

Sales & Negotiation Expert

Negotiating and selling skills are as important to our lives (and businesses) as literacy. J.Paul Nadeau, a former Police Detective, Hostage Negotiator, Professional Interrogator, AND decorated International Peace Keeper knows how to negotiate- and he does it well.


During his exemplary 31-year service career, Paul specialized in Hostage and Crisis Negotiation, International Peace Keeping, Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Investigation, Professional Interrogations, and Polygraph. He has received the highest recommendations from the International Peace Keeping Branch and the United Nations, among many others. In 2005, Paul successfully negotiated a suspected terrorist off a Boeing 747 in Paris, France, without incident or injury to passengers or crew. He is now a regular consultant for CNN, The National, and CP 24 for his expertise on Hostage Negotiations, International Peace Keeping and Terrorists.


Paul is an admired international keynote speaker and lecturer, who specializes in the topics of successful negotiation in business and life, as well as approaches to the proper resolution of personal and workplace conflict. He was the closing speaker at the Toronto TEDx event in 2015, where his talk on world peace received a standing ovation.


In May 2018, Paul released his second book, “Take Control of Your Life: Rescue Yourself and Live the Life You Deserve.” This book is dedicated to helping others overcome adversity, and rid themselves of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviour. Paul ensures that this book will help the reader live the life they were meant to live.


Drawing on his 30+ years of professional experience, Paul’s presentations will walk the learner through his tactical, step-by-step scientific and relationship-based approach to negotiations which involve four key principles he created which he calls the PIER Principle (pronounced Peer): Preparation, Intent, Engagement and Relationship. This talk will benefit business groups and individuals on their road to better-structured conflict resolution.

In unrelated news, Paul’s favourite film is “Shall We Dance?” with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.


Using the PIER to get to ‘yes’: tips and techniques for getting the sale from one of the world’s foremost hostage negotiators and criminal interrogators.

Every job has its challenges. As a world-leading hostage negotiator and criminal interrogator, Paul Nadeau’s daily challenge was to get suspects to admit to heinous crimes, free hostages, and surrender to the police. For sales professionals, the challenge is to get clients to sign on the dotted line. Although the stakes aren’t entirely the same, you can use Paul’s unique approach to understand human behaviour and win in sales. Drawing on 30+ years of experience, Paul will walk you through his tactical, step-by-step approach and scientific techniques that won him enormous success in hostage negotiation and interrogation. Closing is not an art — it’s a science. It takes establishing trust and rapport, asking direct questions, reading voice and body language, adapting to cues, and handling objections. Your journey to success as a sales professional is in your capable hands. Paul’s talk is a roadmap to get you there.


Conflict resolution and how to turn conflict into creativity and opportunity

No one is void of conflict. In a world of over 7 billion people, each with their unique perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, it’s only natural to expect a degree of conflict in both our personal and professional lives. Paul’s approach to conflict resolution will help your staff deal with conflict professionally and confidently when faced with any form of conflict and with difficult customers, regardless of the circumstances. Paul will teach you how to see conflict as an opportunity for discovery and cooperation. His keynote focuses on building bridges instead of walls, and eliminating anxiety on the road to building relationships and opportunity.


As a hostage negotiator and professional police interrogator dealing with some of the toughest ‘clients’ you can imagine, Paul was able to turn anger into cooperation. You and your staff will immediately be able to use proven successful techniques to resolve some of the toughest cases. It begins by seeing the other individual in a new light. This keynote focuses on approach, connection, body language and understanding. A must hear keynote for any professional and anyone who faces conflict and fear.

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