Paul Barter

Exponential Technology Consultant


Paul Barter is a Management Consultant, Business Professor, Entrepreneur, and Venture Investor.  He is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and focusses on the intersection of technology, business, employment and society in our rapidly changing world.


In addition to his consulting and investing activities, Paul supports the next generation of entrepreneurs as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the RIC Centre, a Venture Advisor at MaRS Discovery District and as an MBA professor and entrepreneurship advisor at the Schulich School of Business. 


Paul supplements his consulting and advisory work developing thought leadership content for multiple stakeholders. His current focus includes presentations and workshops explaining AI to business decision makers. In addition, Paul is completing his next book entitled ‘Who’s Next’ where he describes the effects rapidly changing technologies such as artificial intelligence are having on employment and how corporations, students, parents, workers, educational institutions and governments might respond.


Paul studied Engineering and Economics at the Undergraduate and then earned an MBA from the Kellogg Schulich program which tends to make him think of most things in competitive strategy terms.

In unrelated news, Paul has black belts in both Kenpo Karate and Kung Fu.


Exponential Technologies And The Changing Nature Of Competition

In a world that is changing faster than ever before and at an accelerating rate what’s a mature firm to do to compete and win? The answer begins with understanding exponential technologies and the changing business models they enable.


In this keynote, learn the main attributes of exponential technologies, how technologies can disrupt business models, and ways to leverage technology insights to both protect and grow your business.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Your Business

Artificial Intelligence is a transformative new general-purpose technology. Following in the footsteps of other GPT’s such as the printing press, steam engine, electricity, and microprocessor; AI algorithms have the potential to radically transform employment, productivity and society. Business decision makers need to mitigate underlying risks and invest appropriately to drive future competitive advantage.


This keynote, which can also double as a workshop, is ideal for business leaders and decision makers who are interested in exploring the fundamentals of AI and understanding its relevance to your organization. A note from Paul: You do not need a technical background to take part!

Intrapreneurship: Leveraging Startup Best Practices in Mature Firms

Paul believes that mature firms should choose a ‘best of both worlds’ option for innovation and growth. They should borrow best practices from start-ups and global technology giants while at the same time leveraging their existing capabilities and resources. Learn Paul’s best practices in this informative keynote.

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