Mike Shaw

Co-founder, HeadStartPro Performance Training

Mike Shaw, a UBC Okanagan alumni and accomplished coach, comes to us from a background in action sports and freestyle skiing. Following a severe skiing accident in 2013, Mike had to leave the sport and the career he loved. Leaving behind the career path you are passionate about is difficult, but Mike has picked himself up. Now he’s taken what he’s learned from his experience and is helping others. Mike is an entrepreneur, thought-leader, and performance coach.


He’s the CoFounder of Headstartpro Performance Training and is a subject matter expert in performance coaching and injury prevention. He’s developed strategies that use positive psychology to help people achieve their full potential and excel in the face of adversity. In Mike’s talks, he shares a gracious perspective that will motivate you and leave you with an unforgettable learning experience.

Mike’s favourite food is sushi. With a side of tacos. 


Grief Happens


The antidote for adversity, namely grief, is gratitude. Gratitude can help us overcome our biggest challenges in life. It creates a perspective shift that helps us frame setbacks in the grand scheme of things. It is the foundation for the physical, mental, and emotional growth and recovery for individuals, teams, and leadership groups.

“If it’s broke, don’t fix it.”

When things fall apart and you’re in recovery mode amid dispute resolutions, organizational dilemmas, disruptions, disasters, or traumas, don’t ‘fix it’. The concept of rebuilding or ‘fixing it’ is flawed. Looking ahead to what you can build or create (not what you can recreate) is a fundamental shift that organizations need to make.

Connection Through Storytelling

The power of storytelling is often overlooked by leaders, managers, coaches, and teachers. Connecting with your team is critically important when it comes to achieving results. As a leader, your followers will work harder for you if they feel connected to you and your vision.

Leading with an Athlete Mindset

Elite athletes consistently achieve peak performances because they are exceptional at overcoming adversity. There are four pillars, constant in every athlete’s mindset, that contribute to their success: an aptitude of gratitude, choosing to fail-forward, choosing possible vs. impossible, and recognizing the importance of their team. In this presentation, Mike shows audiences that the athlete mindset isn’t solely reserved for athletes; it’s something we can all activate and all benefit from.

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