Michel Falcon

Michel Falcon

Renowned Customer Experience Speaker

Author & Entrepreneur

Michel Falcon is a renowned millennial customer and employee experience expert. His expertise is sought after by many organizations that wish to position themselves amongst some of the world’s most admired brands. His thought leadership has been included in Entrepreneur, Inc, Time, Forbes, Time Magazine, Digiday, and Yahoo Small Business Advisors.


As an entrepreneur, Michel has grown a multi-million dollar hospitality company with over a hundred employees. The strategies and tactics he shares in his keynotes are the exact ones that he implemented in his successful business ventures. Michel’s programs are tried, tested, and true. 


At any given time, he is advising a handful of multi-million and billion-dollar companies across dozens of industries. Michel passes along his customer experience, company culture and employee engagement strategies to these companies to help them grow revenue and profitability. Their growth shapes them in admired brands. Michel has spoken for brands such as LUSH, McDonald’s Canada, Verizon, Lexus, BlueCross BlueShield and more. In 2018, Michel was hired to be the spokesperson for McDonald’s Canada National Hiring Day Campaign.


He is the founder of the People First Culture™ philosophy which is defined as, “an honest commitment from leaders to put their employees and customers at the core of their decision making.” He published a book with the same title that became a bestseller.

In unrelated news, Michel is a partner in the Toronto culinary hotspot “Baro”.


People-First Culture: Build a Business Your Customers, Employees and Community Will Admire

Michel Falcon’s People-First Culture concept is instrumental in becoming a successful leader. If you want to become an authentic organization that builds lasting relationships with employees and customers,  this keynote is essential for you. Grow your company through excellent customer experience, employee engagement and company culture. In this keynote, Michel will reinforce his message by sharing examples from successful companies such as Warby Parker and Amazon. Michel also shares success stories from not-as-recognizable leaders and brands like Howard Behar and The Beautiful People Company.



A Customer Obsession: How to Create an Experience Your Customers Have Never Seen Before

In this keynote, Michel Falcon will share insights on how you can create an experience your customers will obsess over! He illustrates strategies your organization can use immediately to gain customer loyalty, leave positive online testimonials, and spread positive word of mouth. 



Next-Generation CX: Customer Experience Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

Customer Experience (CX) is the design of the interactions that customers experience with your company from beginning to end. CX is a key pillar for growing your profit. It will help you build a successful company. In this presentation,  Michel shares proved strategies that will work across industries. He uses them within his business on a daily basis! Michel also used these strategies when consulting for companies like McDonald’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Lexus. These strategies aren’t going to be for beginners- so get ready to use them in your business, and get super.

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