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Peabody Award-Winning Journalist | Bestselling Author | Entrepreneur | Inspiring Storyteller | Host/Moderator

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Mariana Atencio is on a mission to help people supercharge their careers, their workplace cultures, and their happiness by embracing the power of authenticity. Coming to America from Venezuela as a young girl, Mariana learned first-hand how feeling self-conscious about being different kept her from engaging. After graduating from Columbia University, Mariana wanted to take that experience into her journalism career and tell stories that build bridges and foster understanding. She became a  national news anchor and correspondent, earning a Peabody Award for reporting, taking her from Haiti to Hong Kong to the Syrian border. The success of her TEDx talk, “What Makes YOU Special?”, viewed over 23 million times, catapulted  Mariana into a new storytelling outlet: speaking. Her first book, Perfectly You: Embracing the Power of Being Real, is a  bestselling call to action to unleash the magic of personal and professional authenticity to find purpose and break barriers.  Currently head of her own media production company, Mariana pursues stories that capture her curiosity. She also continues to deliver inspiring keynotes and moderate/host major events.


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