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Co-Founder, Netflix | Author | Executive Mentor & Angel Investor

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Marc Randolph is the co-founder of the online movie and television streaming service, Netflix. This Silicon Valley entrepreneur served as its founding CEO. He was part of Netflix’s board of directors, and an executive producer of its website until his retirement in 2003. A pioneer in streaming services, Randolph had laid the groundwork for a service that has changed the way we experience media.

Marc’s career as an entrepreneur spans over four decades. He has founded more than half a dozen other successful startups. Most recently, Randolph co-founded an analytics software company: Looker Data Sciences. Additionally, he has acted as a mentor to hundreds of early stage entrepreneurs. Randolph is a risk taker who has invested in numerous successful (and unsuccessful) tech ventures.

Outside of the tech world, Marc sits on the boards of Chubbies Shorts, Augment Technology and environmental group, 1% For The Planet. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, works extensively with young entrepreneur programs, and is a trustee of the non-profit National Outdoor Leadership School.

Randolph describes himself as charming, handsome and modest. Aslo, he tires to avoid referring to himself in the third person. A resident of Santa Cruz, California, Marc travels and speaks all over the world. Yet, with all his travels, he probably manages to go surfing more than you do.

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