Mandy Gill

Leadership & Resiliency Expert | Adventurer | Respected Media Personality


Mandy is a sought-after speaker on the subjects of high-performing teams, leadership, adventure, and resiliency. In addition to having faced some of the most challenging environments in the outdoors, Mandy has shared conversations with Lady Gaga and Rihanna while her career took shape in the broadcast world first, before branching off as a business builder.


Drawing on her experience of building and scaling one of the world’s most effective behavior change apps, Healthy Habits, Mandy has one of the world’s largest data sets focused on creating sustainable habits, modifying behavior, and maximizing positive results. She sharees authentic parallels between the principles she uses to succeed while climbing some of the highest peaks in Nepal and around the world, along with running 100km trail marathons. Mandy builds a compelling case for the uncontrollable environments in extreme adventure, and the ones that people face every day — at work, at home, and in their communities.


In-person and virtually, Mandy brings high energy, motivation coupled with action, and provides audiences the roadmap and courage to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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Fuel Your Focus: Achieve Tomorrow's Goals While Navigating Today’s Distractions

In an endlessly distracting, overcommitted, overstretched world, we are constantly fighting distractions, pushing limits, and working tirelessly to get things done. Due to a sea of busyness, leaders and their teams are losing momentum on short and long term goals, or worse, not even starting them, because they don’t have the tools to identify where and when noise-reduction is essential for success. Which is causing burnout, poor tenure, and a lack of meaningful productivity. How do we effectively prioritize, filter noise, and get ahead with as much energy and collaboration as possible? Welcome to ‘Fuel Your Focus’.


In this engaging, thought-provoking, and actionable keynote, leadership expert Mandy Gill shares her research from coaching over 10,000 clients through the RACE PACE system. Mandy educates audiences on how to accelerate clarity and focus, eliminate paralyzing distractions, filter fear, and achieve a new level of collaboration, communication, and team effectiveness. With over a decade of research she has perfected the process for helping everyday people reach extraordinary goals and results — no matter the environment. Just because the world around us is becoming increasingly busy and distracting, doesn’t mean that we can’t filter through the noise and build our best workplaces yet.


Learning outcomes also include:

  • A research-backed framework on how to best identify distractions detouring teams, and the must-take action steps to reroute for stronger execution.
  • How to overcome failure in service to success, and utilize it as a tool to accelerate longterm focus.
  • The top 3 ways teams can build resilience and perseverance to reach new levels of effectiveness, while minimizing burnout.
How To Reach New Heights In Employee Engagement And Performance While Minimizing Burnout And Friction Through The RACE PACE™ System

The old methodologies of driving employee engagement and performance have been disproven and rejected. Gone are the days of continuously operating in a hyper-focused, hyper-paced, hyper-long work environment without thought to employees mental and physical well-being. Employee performance and well-being are further damaged by this lack of commitment — all while the bottom line continues to contract, resulting in lost revenue, disappointing customer service, and failed opportunities for long-term growth. Organizations must define a new way forward – one that maximizes performance, resilience, creativity, empathy, and trust while not burning out their people.

Through the power of communication, accountability, habit, and the steady act of putting one foot in front of the other, RACE PACE is a proven method that will unlock leaders and their teams optimal personal and professional performance capacity. While ensuring a positive mental and physical state that will sustain long term growth in all areas of work and life.

Audiences will gain the following insights:

  • How to maximize their focus in the face of rapid change.
  • The tools to leverage the RACE PACE system to break through burnout and spark a higher level of creativity and innovation. 
  • Learn the reason why change in teams fail, and how to fix it. 
  • Feel a deeper sense of connection and integration with their team, for the long term.
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