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High-energy, witty, emotionally charged storytelling that powers kindness, authenticity, empathy, and inclusion. That is what audiences from across the globe have seen and felt when Layne takes the stage. 

Layne is a non-binary, successful entrepreneur with a charming, animated personality, and armed with a collection of captivating anecdotes. They have presented on stages for over a decade, combining education and entertainment with seamless finesse. Layne delivers a unique blend of insightful learning and captivating humour, leaving audiences craving more. 

They openly speak to their life experiences; coming out, rebounding from multiple traumas, mental health and physical wellness, and they hilariously spill the tea about being the only gay in the village at a US auction school. Layne offers insights into building a powerhouse company from the ground up, and the inspirational (and tragic) moments they’ve experienced during their career of working over 1,500 events. 

Layne has appeared in prominent media from coast to coast such as CBC, Cityline, CTV, Authority Magazine (Medium) and as a recurring guest and co-host on Citytv’s Breakfast Television. Layne was named LuxLife’s 2024 “Fundraiser Event Entertainer of the Year (North America)”, Canadian Choice Award Winner for 2024, Corporate Livewire’s 2024 Innovation & Excellence Global Awards “Keynote Speaker of the Year” and was nominated in 2022 for a Canadian Event Award. 

An advocate for social impact, Layne’s work as The Auctionista has raised over $40 million for charity across North America. Their magnetism has had Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laughing in his seat and has made sharing a stage with greats like Sarah McLachlan and The Tragically Hip look effortless. Layne’s undeniable stage presence and commitment to each and every cause has made them a force in the fundraising world. They champion the idea that no challenge is insurmountable, and no dream is unattainable. 

Layne would know best. Prior to blazing a trail in a male-dominated industry and creating a wildly successful company, Layne changed career paths from a Financial Advisor to Director of Development at a charity, only to courageously pivot again. Through their determination and perseverance (and a certain someone telling them they couldn’t), they decided to take the leap and reinvent the role of auctioneer. As a non-binary, entertaining, fashion-forward philantro-tainer, Layne has turned the world of auctioneering on its head. 

With securing the title “Celebrity Auctioneer” and live fundraising firmly under their belt, Layne stepped into the world of keynote speaking to deliver powerful messages about the importance of living authentically, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB). In 2024, Layne launched The IMPACT Workshop; a learning series targeted to organizations which is focused on helping participants understand the concepts of gender identity, and how to create a workplace and community that is inclusive and accepting of all, honouring intersections of identity including race, body size, abilities, age, etc. 

The IMPACT Workshop was prominently featured in the Spring 2024 issue of Canadian Business, where they spoke about the immediate, positive, and lasting effects that Layne’s workshop had on an organization. 

Now, the ever-innovative Layne, is one of the most coveted and respected auctioneers, speakers, and workshop facilitators, with a sparkling reputation for personal storytelling that connects. 

The power of vulnerability, courage, resolve and resilience delivered with humour is the Layne way!

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