Laura Schwartz is smiling at the camera wearing a blue lace dress

Laura Schwartz

Professional Emcee | Author of Eat, Drink & Succeed | Television Commentator

Laura Schwartz connects. Whether she’s emceeing a conference or delivering a powerful keynote live on your stage or virtually through your screen, Laura creates a memorable, customizable experience that achieves lasting impact for audiences across all industries and the world.


She began as the youngest female presidential appointee in history, as the White House Director of Events for President Clinton. Today, Laura is a Professional Speaker, the author of “Eat, Drink and Succeed,” and a television commentator appearing weekly as the American contributor to Australia’s Today Show and as a fill in guest host for Larry King. Laura is also a published writer in Fast Company, Elle Magazine and other periodicals across the globe.


In both 2019 and 2020 Laura was named one of “The 100 Most Influential People in the Global Event Industry” and is a Certified Virtual Speaker who has been leading international virtual and hybrid events since the beginning of the reimagined production of meetings in this time of pandemic.


Speaking professionally since 2001 she is a charismatic and versatile brand ambassador who inspires results that last long after your event is over.

“It became clear to me that as social as any event may appear, it is business. But I also learned the event is only as powerful as the guest makes it.”
Read Laura’s book “Eat, Drink and Succeed” to learn more about the power of networking!




The keynote your audience will be talking about all year. It’s motivational, humorous and engaging, it’s immediately actionable.

Laura’s super-charged signature series is centred on being “prepared for the partnership” while turning the “optional into opportunity,” because as Laura reminds us all, “You ever know when the next conversation will be the conversation to change your life or that of someone else!”

Laura Schwartz challenges her audience to ask, “What can I do for you?” instead of the more negative — “What can you do for me?” interpretation of networking. She explains how positive, powerful networking involves mentoring and leading both inside and outside of the office. And, she incorporates your conference programming and year-round engagement into examples where Laura’s tips can be used to increase results for every member of your audience.



A unique & dynamic presentation on leadership in times of success, turbulence and change.

As any great leader will attest, leading in successful times is easy. It’s what a leader does in times of turbulence and change that sets them apart. In this one-of-a-kind program, Laura shares little-known stories from more than 200 years of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies to inspire great leadership in any circumstance. Laura adapts these non-partisan stories to make relevant and relatable comparisons to your company or association and offers tips that attendees can immediately put into action in their personal or professional lives. Laura uses her unique White House experience to share valuable takeaways and inspiring stories from the earliest White House inhabitants, along with first-hand accounts of defining moments during the Clinton administration. She illustrates real solutions from the successes and failures in leadership that we all can practice in our daily lives as we work with our customers and colleagues and share within our communities and families.



Designed in response to requests for a program about her personal and professional journey, this keynote empowers audiences with 5 pillars of engagement that can change their lives professionally and personally.

From her start as a small-town girl with a speech impediment to becoming the youngest female presidential appointee in White House history and eventually an international professional speaker and television commentator, Laura delivers relevant and relatable moments of challenges and success.

She outlines how we can all turn to these 5 Pillars for answers, leadership and development throughout all stages of our lives. This compelling, comedic, motivational program will leave every audience feeling inspired and ready to engage with their life!


Laura customizes each keynote and can further create original programming and curated plenary’s tailored to specific company content and themes.

Laura always customizes her programs to your message and objectives, and she is known for her power of connection to the audience at hand — not simply giving the same speech over and over again.

Laura is eager to work with partners like you to create original programming and to curate a keynote or creative plenary tailored to your goals and objectives. Whether based on conference themes, a rebrand, a new partnership or a corporate milestone – you name it – after an hour call with Laura, she will transform your message into an incredibly personal connection with your audience and deliver it on your stage!