L.K. Bertram

Leading Researcher On History, AI & Disinformation Crisis Solutions | “Instaprof” with over 20m Lesson Views | Award-Winning Author

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Dr. L.K. Bertram is a renowned, award-winning author and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. L.K.’s work specializes in history, social media disinformation, and the A.I. shift. By examining lessons from the past, L.K. equips audiences with the tools necessary to anticipate and responsibly navigate our own time of rapid, unprecedented change.

L.K.’s insights have profound implications for academia and society. Her expertise has garnered global recognition and awards throughout her distinguished career. As the anonymous professor behind a large-scale open history classroom on Instagram (20m+ views), she studies how institutions can build better data pipelines to the public and generate big reach for quality content. L.K.’s educational workshops on A.I. as an industrial revolution, tackling disinformation, and making quality data outperform fake content use history to explore future possibilities.

At the University of Toronto, students and faculty look to L.K. for a deeper understanding of how historical lessons can help us analyze trends, grapple with disinformation and prepare for the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence.

L.K. resides in Toronto, Canada.

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