Josh Cassidy

Celebrated Paralympian

World Record holder of the Boston Marathon





Two time Paralympian and winner of many races around the world, Joshua is known internationally for his work ethic and fortitude. He has beaten every competitor in the world at least once.


In 2012 Josh won the Boston Marathon with an incredible performance, recording the world’s fastest time of 1:18:25. He is also the Canadian Record Holder in the 1500m, 5000m, 10 000m, and Marathon.


His successes have not come without many failures and challenges. Josh came into the world fighting Neuroblastoma, a non-congenital cancer that primarily affects children. The doctors told his parents that their newborn had a narrow chance of survival. Through a combination of medicine, family prayer, and a will to live, Joshua won miraculously. The damage in his spinal chord left his legs partially paralyzed. Where many saw obstacles ahead, this young boy saw opportunities. This blessing gave him the building blocks needed to build a life of success, love, and happiness.


An athlete and an artist by nature, Joshua’s life consists of creating. A graduate of Sheridan College’s esteemed Illustration program, Josh received his BAA degree in 2009. Ever since, Josh has been working in between training sessions on a passion project which ties together his whole life of sport, art, music, and writing, aimed at enlightening, inspiring and motivating the world.


Training the body and mind to be in their healthiest and most optimum state isn’t only beneficial to Olympians. Revealing how one can achieve balance and harmony in the physical, emotional, and mental realms, Josh brings to light the significance of a universal spiritual connection. He offers insights from his world travels on alternative health practices, ancient methodology, and the energy world that science is still discovering.


Josh’s talks aren’t focused on his disability- it’s an obstacle that he had already conquered at an early age. His journey has led him to challenges and ideas much bigger. The purpose of life. True Happiness. Inner Peace. Self Belief. Being the most ultimate version of oneself, for the world.


A true living example of the motto “Anything is Possible”, Joshua now shares these lessons and revelations on life through his story and example. With positive vibes, light, love, and determination, Josh Cassidy will enlighten and enrich your audience.


In unrelated news, Josh once taught Rick Mercer how to do pull ups… and put him to shame.




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