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John Stix is an “I’m In” transformation specialist. Having helped lead multiple organizations and their people, starting with his own, Fibernetics – the 5th largest Telecom company in Canada – and through a holistic shift in culture, strategy and values based actions, he has honed the skills to masterfully shift mentalities, actions and organizations. John credits his significant personal transformation with enabling him to lead his company through this necessary change.

John’s success with workplace culture and helping others discover the same journey for themselves, has led him to consult and speak across the world. While continuing to lead his organization and build several others, John has delivered keynote speeches at venues from private insurance firms to a group on behalf of the White House.

As co-founder of Fibernetics, one of Canada’s largest telecom and internet companies, John has lead an international team by example and empowerment. He witnessed the positive change that occurred within his own company when he decided to focus on unity, teamwork, empathy, happiness and gratitude. After introducing his “I’M IN” corporate initiative, John received the Best Employer Branding award in 2015 from the Canadian Human Resources Association and was also a finalist for Leader of the Year.

As an entrepreneur, John has been a visionary, thought leader and mentor taking start-ups to enterprise-level organizations and figuring out innovative ways to keep all employees highly engaged, through all stages of growth and transformation. John’s most recent venture as president of KidsWifi is bringing him to transform the way parents view the internet and to protect kids globally as they go online.

John emphasizes that his plan to deeply care for and empower employees and allow them to be their true selves not only translated into a passion, but to personal happiness. Happiness then led to productivity, and productivity led to the results.

His casual, engaging, and thought provoking delivery allows him to connect with all audiences. John is known to receive standing ovations from some of the trickiest audiences out there.

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