John Stix

Transformation Specialist

Co-Founder of Fibernetics, Canada’s 5th Largest Telecom Company

John Stix is an “I’m In” transformation specialist. Having helped lead multiple organizations and their people, starting with his own, Fibernetics – the 5th largest Telecom company in Canada – and through a holistic shift in culture, strategy and values based actions, he has honed the skills to masterfully shift mentalities, actions and organizations. John credits his significant personal transformation with enabling him to lead his company through this necessary change.


John’s success with workplace culture and helping others discover the same journey for themselves, has led him to consult and speak across the world. While continuing to lead his organization and build several others, John has delivered keynote speeches at venues from private insurance firms to a group on behalf of the White House.


As co-founder of Fibernetics, one of Canada’s largest telecom and internet companies, John has lead an international team by example and empowerment. He witnessed the positive change that occurred within his own company when he decided to focus on unity, teamwork, empathy, happiness and gratitude. After introducing his “I’M IN” corporate initiative, John received the Best Employer Branding award in 2015 from the Canadian Human Resources Association and was also a finalist for Leader of the Year.


As an entrepreneur, John has been a visionary, thought leader and mentor taking start-ups to enterprise-level organizations and figuring out innovative ways to keep all employees highly engaged, through all stages of growth and transformation. John’s most recent venture as president of KidsWifi is bringing him to transform the way parents view the internet and to protect kids globally as they go online.


John emphasizes that his plan to deeply care for and empower employees and allow them to be their true selves not only translated into a passion, but to personal happiness. Happiness then led to productivity, and productivity led to the results.


His casual, engaging, and thought provoking delivery allows him to connect with all audiences. John is known to receive standing ovations from some of the trickiest audiences out there.

In unrelated news, John once had lunch with Duchess of York, Prince Andrew, and Swami Bhakti Charu to discuss empowerment.


Workplace Culture & EQ

John is a leading authority on building an effective workplace culture and developing highly motivated teams. Through real experience and practice, he understands the challenges and the blockers that come with shifting a workplace culture; at the same time, he believes in and has witnessed first-hand the massive opportunities that exist when a company can successfully execute this change – and he knows how to make it happen.


He believes in simple formulas that carry impact and came up with the phrase that has now stuck with audiences across the world; “Engagement is when we all feel an authentic connection to purpose.”


John shares personal anecdotes and stories from leading his own company, Fibernetics (Canada’s 5th largest telecom company), through a cultural change that allowed the organization to flourish. These specific strategies and philosophies led to unprecedented KPI’s that have wowed industries from all categories. Whether it is some of the largest global brands or government agencies, John’s award winning “I’M IN” strategy is producing positive results, not only for the organizations, but the people within them and their communities.


Unifying purpose leads to passion, passion leads to happiness and happiness leads to productivity: the culmination of these leading to incredible results.



Through colourful stories and real examples from his practices, John helps organizations and leaders understand the value and importance of creating an intrapreneurial workforce. Then he shows you how to make it happen.


While many organizations see the value in empowering staff to take ownership and act more entrepreneurially, they struggle with making it happen on their teams and within their organizations. In many cases the current culture does not allow for it or there has been resistance to change in the past. John will describe and show you how a healthy workplace culture naturally leads to a surging increase in entrepreneurial spirit and problem solving. Plus, he will guide you on how to do it within your organization. This will lead to incredible and potentially game changing innovations that will propel your company to the top.


John has done this time and time again within his existing organizations with multiple teams and products reaching global attention and millions of customers. Your newly created innovative machine will lead to empowerment, which leads to potential, resulting in a radical freedom to innovate.


Authentic Leadership

Leadership without purpose isn’t leadership at all.


Purpose with authenticity creates an emotional bond that produces unprecedented movement.


John knows firsthand that at times life can be incredibly confusing without a feeling of true authentic purpose. This is something we all want and deserve, as it brings fulfillment and joy into our lives.


John believes that after we make a conscious decision to accept what we have found and try our best to become the new version of ourselves, we start on a path to become the authentic leader of our own lives. We then start to align our outward actions with what we have found from our inward journey, which leads us to reach our full potential and joy.


John teaches that authentic leadership can bring about positive changes in everything we do. We begin to become the hero of our own journey. The masks we wear and the limiting habits we create, start to fall. We then learn to embrace vulnerability as a strength and not a weakness.


The outcome of learning to live inward is authenticity and a sense of passion and purpose that invigorates us in all that we do. Whether you are the leader of a small or large company or you see yourself as the leader of your own life, looking inward is the start to finding your personal true authentic self.


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