Jessica Hanson

Jessica Hanson

Registered Nurse | Educator

Jessica Hanson is a mother, nurse and educator. After experiencing the loss of her two-year-old son, Jessica had been exposed to a harsh reality. His passing unveiled our societal shortcomings surrounding the death experience. 


Death, even when sudden or traumatic, can be beautiful. 


Guided by her remarkable journey of healing, Jessica has created a series of presentations to educate and help us. These presentations are fabricated to heal us from death experiences. By sharing her story with community members and survivors worldwide, Jessica is helping to transform the way we view and “do” death.

For fun Jessica loves to run the Grand Canyon!


Collateral Beauty: How Suffering Can Create A Stronger You

In this talk, Jessica will teach your audience how to find positivity post-trauma. She will present ways to build an environment of gratitude through suffering. Jessica will teach your audience that suffering is a ticket for growth and self-discovery. Despite the pain, there is a way to turn a period of grieving into a learning experience. Welcoming discomfort into your life can help you become the best version of you.

Losses at Work: How Should Healthcare Professional Cope with Death

Upon dealing with the death of a patient, how can healthcare professionals cope? Jessica believes that nurses and healthcare professionals are not properly educated to appropriately handle death. In this talk, Jessica will shed to light the stress and trauma healthcare professionals face when losing a patient. She will talk about ways to seek proper help, and how to deal.

Orchestration of Death: How Society Should Approach Death

From both personal and professional perspectives, Jessica will teach your audience how to “do” death better. In this talk, she will touch upon the ways a healthcare professional can manipulate a death situation to benefit the family. How family members should begin their grieving process. This informative talk will change the way you look at a traumatic situation.


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