Jeremy Allen

Death Educator & Grief Expert | Founder, DeathEd.ca | Funeral Director

Jeremy Allen is a grief expert working to help individuals navigate the emotions and environments of loss. Through his work, he normalizes difficult conversations regarding grief and loss without eliminating emotion or dehumanizing the healing process. 


Through his organization, Death Ed., Jeremy connects with individuals experiencing grief by helping them understand where their loss lives. Death Ed. has influenced thousands of families to understand their loss and mourning. His work helps children and adults alike remove the fear of grief. 


He is a licensed funeral director and embalmer and part owner of Gregory’s Funeral Home Inc. in Provost, Alberta.


Grief & Loss Education for Healthcare Professionals

Jeremy Allen is filling a huge gap in healthcare professional training – understanding death. Healthcare professionals face some of the most challenging situations daily but do not have the tools to understand and cope with grief and loss. In this workshop, Jeremy’s passion shines through as he connects with professionals to help them understand the emotions and environments of grief.

Grief & Loss Education for Educators

In this powerful workshop, Jeremy Allen helps educators to build the tools to identify loss in their work environments so that they are well-prepared to hold their emotions and the emotions of students walking through grief.

Reconnecting Funeral Directors to Grief & Loss

Death Ed., founder Jeremy Allen helps funeral professionals learn an inward practice of creating space for their emotions and families before going outward to serve others. In this demanding career, professionals can be consumed by emotion if they cannot differentiate between emotional investment and emotional attachment.

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