Jaclyn Whittal

Meteorologist | Journalist | Storm chaser | Explorer | International Fellow of The Explorers Club 

Jaclyn Whittal has been forecasting and reporting on the most extreme weather across North America for 12 years. She has stood in front of the world’s largest ever recorded tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma, has been in the centre of 10 hurricanes, and reported on countless blizzards, wildfires and floods across the U.S. and Canada. She has been featured in magazines such as FLARE, Real Clear Life, Popular Science and on TV networks such as BBC, CNN, CTV, CBC National, and several podcasts around the world. She has been a severe weather expert on Cottage Life network’s show ‘Mutant Weather’, Discovery network’s show ‘After The Storm’, ‘The Weather Files’ on Smithsonian Channel and a host of “Stormhunters” on The Weather Network for 7 seasons. Jaclyn is an elected fellow of The Royal Canadian Geographic Society. In 2023, Jaclyn has been elected an International Fellow of The Explorers Club. 


In a world where climate change is impacting our daily lives, Jaclyn has the real-life experience to speak to it with passion and energy coming right from the eye of the storm!


Trusting Your Instincts: Listening to Your Inner Voice

Jaclyn has had to overcome fear in high-pressure situations with her team covering active weather all over the world. Jaclyn shares how she has learned to trust her scientific knowledge, her intuition and the colleagues being tested in the lethal moments of each day that she is on the job. Giving in to Mother Nature at her angriest moments while engaging in quick life or death decisions while remaining calm. She shares what it’s like to be in a true “close call”, positioned only one kilometre away from the world’s largest tornado, from the eye of a hurricane and as witness to catastrophic flooding resulting in homes being washed out to sea.

Climate Change: Adapting to Changing Weather Patterns

In a world where climate change was once a debatable discussion, has now become our truth and is at the forefront of every conversation. It affects our day to day lives more than ever. The damage has been done for now, so how we adapt and evolve with a changing climate is crucial to humanity. Stronger storms, more prolonged heatwaves and dangerous arctic cold outbreaks has compromised our current infrastructure and coastlines. Jaclyn takes you on a journey of covering the world’s most extreme weather and shows you firsthand evidence of major changes in our weather patterns in just the last decade.

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