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Harris III (“the third”) is a top-rated speaker, award-winning illusionist and #1 bestselling author. As one of the most seasoned speakers in the world, he has performed and spoken live at over 2,000 events to more than 2 million people in all 50 states and more than 30 countries on six continents.

On the heels of over 20 years of experience as a creative entrepreneur, Harris is now the Founder of Istoria Collective and the Poetics Guild, creator of the storyOS™, host of a top 1% podcast in the world, and an in-demand coach and consultant to leaders of both small businesses and global brands.

He’s on a relentless mission to help leaders and entrepreneurs 10x their growth so that we can solve our current leadership crisis with wonder, curiosity and creativity. The objective is simple: So you can win, both in leadership and in life, and create a better future for yourself, your organization and our world.

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