Dr. Dwight Chapin

Author, Take Good Care –  7 Wellness Rituals for Health, Strength & Hope | Musculoskeletal Expert | Authority on Preventative Medicine 


Dr. Dwight Chapin holds his honours degree in biology from Queen’s University and a Doctor of Chiropractic designation from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He also practices medical acupuncture and Active Release Technique™, a non-invasive treatment to locate and quickly resolve soft-tissue disorders. 


He co-owns and operates a large multi-disciplinary clinic in Mississauga, Ontario, and has led corporate wellness programs for nationally-recognized corporations, including The Globe and Mail, Canada Post, and General Mills Canada Corporation.  As a health advisor, Chapin’s original work has been featured in The Globe and Mail, where he also operates an onsite repetitive strain injury prevention clinic for Globe employees.


As a trusted musculoskeletal expert, he is known for his clinical expertise in the treatment and prevention of common musculoskeletal disorders, his innovative, strategic thinking, and his passion for preventative health care. In 2018, he was awarded Chiropractor of the Year by the Ontario Chiropractic Association in recognition of his outstanding service, professional achievement, and significant contribution.


In his private practice, he has successfully demonstrated the role chiropractors can play in acute, chronic, and preventative care, corporate health, and sports performance. He is a two-time Grey Cup Champion as Team Chiropractor for the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts Football Club, has co-authored workplace wellness e-learning modules for Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety-CCOHS, lectured extensively on human performance and injury prevention, and represented the Chiropractic profession in Ottawa on Parliament Hill on World Spine Day.


Dr. Chapin has made it his life’s mission to care for, educate, and inspire others in their journey toward optimal health. In his first book, Take Good Care: 7 Wellness Rituals for Health, Strength & Hope, he brings the science of preventative medicine to life.

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Next Level Self-Care - 7 Wellness Rituals for Health, Strength & Hope

A large body of evidence demonstrates that strong health over an extended period of life is possible. To bring this science to life in his new book Take Good Care – 7 Wellness Rituals for Health, Strength & Hope, Dr. Dwight Chapin assembled a team of mentors comprised of 21 influential Canadians – accomplished leaders in business, sports, media, entertainment, and healthcare. Determined to understand their unique approach to adversity, discipline to self-care, and strategies for extending and recovering from peak performance, Dr. Chapin discovered a common ground to their excellence: the 7 Wellness Rituals. 


In an honest and vulnerable exchange, professionals such as Jann Arden, CEO/Publisher of The Globe and Mail, Phillip Crawley, and Dragons’ Den investor, Jim Treliving open their lives, sharing their wellness formulas and approach to life. In this workshop, Chapin offers a behind-the-scenes look at the mentors’ life lessons and their practice of the seven specific, evidence-based wellness rituals. In a journey that includes access to the fridge of Toronto Raptor’s Dietitian, explores the healthy aging strategies of a world-renowned performance physiologist, and takes a sneak peek at the sleep habits of a stress resiliency expert and the mental fitness exercises of an Olympic sprinter, participants walk away with an understanding of the essential ingredients required to access the body’s healing potential, and the motivation to invest in their self-care.

Primary Workshop Objective: To help participants put the 7 Wellness Rituals to work through a committed, strategic approach to self-care.

Is Aging a Disease? Commanding your biology by stacking healthy choices

Longevity experts are beginning to look at aging differently and asking, what if our approach to health is wrong? What if the symptoms of the chronic diseases overwhelming our population are, in fact, linked to a few common biological problems upstream, and the actual disease we should be focused on is aging itself?


If your life span were to extend to 100 or 120 years, would you want to live that long? Those that say no, often do so because they anticipate a predictable, steady decline in health and ability as they age. No one wants to live an extra twenty years if those years are likely to be spent alone in pain with a failing memory. But would you change your mind if you could move and engage at 75 to 90 like you did when you were 45 to 60?


This is the direction in which healthcare is trending. Attention to the root cause of why people get sick and why aging is so often accompanied by chronic disease is growing. Poor sleep quality, fatigue and lower energy levels, digestive troubles, aches and pains, diminished strength and flexibility, cardiovascular disease, poor metabolic health, memory loss and many cancers are now considered signs of biological aging, not inevitable consequences of another candle on your birthday cake.


Hidden within every cell of the body is the genetic blueprint for health and well-being. When we learn how to influence the trend line of our biology to our advantage, we gain access to this healing potential – independent of our chronological age.


The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has left many realizing they want more from life. People want to feel, look, think, move, and be better and are seeking guidance on healthy aging strategies and self-care with heightened interest. The techniques, rituals, stories, and science this workshop shares will get participants pointed in a proven direction they can trust.

Primary Workshop Objective: To help participants elevate their awareness of the influence daily routines have on health, performance, and aging, and inspire the practice of stacking healthy choices.

Playing the Long Game – Mastering Stress Resiliency and Peak Performance Recovery

Prolonged exposure to chronic stress trains your mind to constantly be on the lookout for threats and locks you in a fight or flight stress response. Studies have shown that this type of stress exposure decreases activity in the areas of the brain responsible for high-order strategic thinking while stimulating more primitive parts of the brain that control survival and our emotional response. Experts predict that 90% of chronic disease and our potential for longevity results not from the genetic hand we have been dealt but from the influence our lifestyle choices have on the expression of our genes. Moving through life in survival mode, constantly on defense, waiting for the weekend or a future holiday to recover, is not a winning strategy. Learning how to stack healthy choices enhances our stress resiliency and adds quality years to our life by extending our life span and health span.


As the onsite clinician for The Globe and Mail, Team chiropractor for the Toronto Argonauts, corporate wellness innovator, and front-line clinician with over 24 years of experience, Dr. Dwight Chapin works closely with many leading professionals, guiding them on how to strategically convert a casual awareness of healthy habits into hard-wired, strategic wellness rituals designed to turn stress to their advantage, advance performance, and speed peak event recovery. 


This workshop highlights the importance of early symptom recognition and strategies to recover and recharge quickly. Participants walk away with actionable techniques to improve stress resiliency and a greater appreciation for the power in their approach to stress and its influence on the body’s healing potential, ensuring they are ready for life’s challenges that lay ahead.


Primary Workshop Objective: To help participants identify their leading stressors, recognize their position on their stress response curve, and implement leading stress resiliency practices.