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Dr. Linda Duxbury is Canada’s most accomplished researcher, writer and speaker and work-life balance. With her work, she has influenced policy and attitudes and created supportive work environments in both the public and private sectors. Currently, Dr. Duxbury is a professor at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University in Ottawa. She has co-written numerous comprehensive national studies on work-life balance, and their effect on business.

In the last decade, Dr. Druxbury has completed major studies on Balancing Work and Family in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Additionally, she has explored HR and work-family related issues in small businesses; management Support- what is it? Why does it matter?; career development in the public sector and high tech sector; generational differences in work values.

Dr. Duxbury also conducts research that evaluates the organization and individual impacts of life within the workplace. This includes email, portable offices, smartphones, flexible work arrangements, shiftwork and change management. She also studied the important qualities and characteristics of a “supportive” manager.

Dr. Linda Duxbury has completed three national studies (1991,2001,2012) on work-life balance in which over 70,000 Canadian employees participated in. Presently, she is conducting a national study observing work-balance and caregiving. She is also busy with a research project evaluating the sustainability of policing in Canada.

In her career, she published both academic and practitioner literature in areas such as work-family conflict, change management, etc.

Always an enlightening and popular speaker, Dr. Duxbury’s ideas and research are highly valued by major corporations and government agencies.

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