Clary Chambers (she/her)

Founder, Spark Clarity | Lead Consultant | Accessibility & Inclusion Advocate

A powerhouse in her own right, this ambitious, queer woman of colour who lives with a chronic illness is definitely one to spark joy in any room. Nicknamed Joy Queen by those closest to her, Clary Chambers continues to spread kindness and positivity on her road to entrepreneurial success. As an inspirational speaker, a car accident survivor, fibro-warrior, self-care expert, an accessibility coach and very funny human, Clary Chambers has made her mark on the wellness community.


In the summer of 2017, she launched Spark Clarity – a business with a simple but powerful intention of empowering folks to live their most authentic lives. As a mental health and disability advocate, Clary has been able to share her contagious energy and zest for life across North America & the UK with intimate groups, to large crowds of 500+ at her over 60 events.


With an infectious energy and a relatable sense of humour, Clary’s keynotes will inspire and entertain your audience and motivate them to live their best lives.


Healing with Humor

Whether you’ve found yourself injured or have been living with chronic illness for a life time Clary shares her unique lens on how to heal with humour. It could be the magic combination to your speedy recovery.

Accessibility & Inclusion

Diversity is a strength. But only if you can ensure that everyone in your space feels safe, comfortable, and valued. Making the invisible visible is Clary’s individual mission as they share easy to implement (say goodbye to that to-do list) ideas to make your physical, digital and culture spaces more accessible and inclusive.

Authentic Living

How do you set yourself up to live your most authentic life – one that works with your strengths, passions and not against them. It’s a buzz word and something easier said then done – but how do you truly go about making it happen. Clary leads by example in her experience of carving out a path that allows her to thrive inspiring your audiences to find ways to do the same.


Don’t quit your dream job ask for accommodations instead is one of Clary’s more relatable talks for folks who feel they have no other options. But what if you work for yourself, or not at all, how do we create a space that allows you not to simply exist but to thrive. Clary is an accommodations expert advising non for profits, tech start ups, small business and everyone in between how to create spaces where all their employees can thrive. If you’ve ever wondered how to prepare for accommodations, how much work it takes to implement them or what it takes to ask for them Clary will lead the way.

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