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Chau Lui is the co-owner of Paris Jewellers, a jewelry company founded by her mother, who immigrated to Canada from Vietnam. Arriving in Canada, the young family had hopes and dreams of a brighter future. Witnessing her mother’s work ethic, grace and gratitude towards a new life in a new country, while overcoming language barriers, fueled Chau’s passion to build a business that she would have wanted to work for while growing up. Chau grew their family business to 22 stores in 4 provinces across Canada. Paris Jewellers is now the 30th largest retail jewelry chain by store count in North America.

Chau’s journey is not just one of expansion, but of resilience, the power of learning through failure, and a commitment to continuous growth while maintaining her family values.

The company gained recognition by creating engagement rings for renowned personalities NYT Best Selling Author Lewis Howes, Hayley Erbert, wife of Dancing with the Stars judge Derek Hough, and actress Lana Condor. Additionally with their commitment to supporting their communities and charitable causes, they have raised and donated over a million dollars for various women and children’s focused charities.

Chau holds the esteemed position of First Vice-Chair for the Canadian Jewellers Association, and has earned prestigious accolades including Prairies Regional Finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 and Global News Woman of Vision.

Balancing her entrepreneurial success with family life, she is married with two daughters.

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