Cesar Kuriyama

Founder, 1 Second Everyday

Cesar was born in Peru but grew up a math and science nerd in New Jersey. A passion for movies and storytelling ultimately drew him to study several artistic fields at Pratt Institute of Art and design in Brooklyn, NY.


For years he worked in the advertising world for notable clients like BMW, Verizon, & the NFL. His personally produced work has millions of views and been featured in publications like Fast Company, Wired, CNN, BBC, and The New York Times. He also taught courses at NYU and his alma mater, Pratt Institute.


7 years ago he left it all behind to pursue his own personal creative endeavors.  Among them was a personal project called 1 Second Everyday. He premiered the idea at TED 2012 and the talk has been viewed over a million times.  


Today, 1 Second Everyday is a company dedicated to helping us appreciate meaningful moments in our lives, strike the right balance of our use of technology, and ultimately live our best life.  It’s one of the top photo/video apps on the App Store.

In his spare time, Cesar loves to travel. He obsesses over unique immersive experiences, and helping others with their ideas.


1 Second Everyday

Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life. 1 Second Everyday help you remember your journey and create the story of your life. Meet the man behind one of the most popular Apps and hear the story about how an artist with an idea started this project – which eventually became a TED Talk – which eventually became a real business, and now, a rapidly growing and expanding technology company.

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