Catriona Le May Doan

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
“The Fastest Woman On Ice”
CBC Broadcaster and Olympic Torch Lighter, 2010 Opening Ceremony



Catriona Le May Doan has done what no other Canadian athlete has ever accomplished- she won an Olympic Gold medal and then successfully defended her Olympic Gold title.


It is only with characteristics like passion, a winning attitude, commitment, and teamwork that you can achieve your potential. Twenty-three years in the sport of speed skating taught Catriona a great deal. She has seen first hand what can be achieved when a team works together and appreciates each other’s strengths and weaknesses. That the potential is limitless when a team unites and rises to face challenges together.


Catriona is an articulate, engaging and bilingual presenter. Her story is an inspiration, and her ability to explore with audiences the methodology of achieving personal excellence is unmatched. Catriona will share the strategies and tactics that she applied to her sport, and how they can be applied universally. She shares her insights on achieving goals and maneuvering both trials and triumphs.


Catriona realized her dream of winning an Olympic gold medal, and further realized that remaining at the top was even harder. She will leave her audience with a clear understanding of what it takes to get to the top and stay there in a competitive environment. What does it take to be the best? What does it take to remain the best?


Catriona highlights the role of leadership and the need to continually raise the bar to stay on top and overcome obstacles. The journey of Catriona Le May Doan will inspire you to reach farther than you thought possible.


In unrelated news, Catriona is married to Bart Doan, a rodeo cowboy and icemaker at the Olympic Oval & the cousin of NHL player Shane Doan.


Personal Excellence: Achieving Your Full Potential

Catriona will share her insights on achieving goals and her career highs and lows. You can achieve your full potential through passion, a winning attitude, commitment, and teamwork. Her years as a speed skater have taught Catriona how to deal not only with obstacles, but also with success.


Breaking New Ground

What does it mean to be the first person to accomplish something? When no one has ever been in the same situation as you before? Quite simply, a lot of responsibility. As the only Canadian to defend a gold medal at any Olympic games, Catriona will tell you about the stresses, tell you how you can help pave the way for others to follow like a true leader.


Women and Careers

Catriona Le May Doan can tell you about being an Olympic Champion Speed Skater and an Olympic broadcaster, about being tirelessly involved with her beloved community and those in it, about being a spokesperson for the SpinaBifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Canada, Right to Play and Ontario’s Lakefield Oval Project, and, most importantly, about being a woman and mother.

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