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One of Canada’s Most Influential Sports Broadcasters | Executive Producer, Sportsnet

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Cabral “Cabbie” Richards has redefined what it means to be a reporter in the world of sports.

Cabbie found his calling in front of the camera while pursuing a media degree at Ryerson RTA. He interned at The Score in 2001, where he pitched his iconic show, Cabbie on the Street. The show transformed from a set of five-minute interviews to a popular half-hour weekly segment.

He gained extreme popularity across North America with his unique, “in-your-face” approach to interviews with some of the world’s most renowned athletes. From an ongoing “friendship” saga with the late Kobe Bryant to dressing room “insiders” with NHL’s biggest stars, Cabbie won over the hearts of sports fans everywhere.

Cabbie hosted and produced Cabbie Presents, a weekly segment on TSN’s Sportcentre. Following the popularity of the weekly feature, Cabbie went on to produce a complimentary podcast (Cabbie Presents: The Podcast), where he interviewed various sports stars and celebrities. Additionally, Cabbie was the special correspondent for The Marylin Dennis Show on CTV. In his role, he offered a male perspective on specific issues and hit the streets of Toronto to learn the opinions of diverse Canadians.

In 2019, Cabbie announced he would co-host the Bleacher Report (B/R): Betting alongside Kelly Stewart in Las Vegas. After a successful run at B/R, Cabbie returned home to Canada in 2021 and became the Executive Producer of Sportsnet’s Sports Betting Content.

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