Brock McGillis

First Male Professional Hockey Player to Come Out as Gay | LGBTQ+ Advocate 

Brock McGillis is a former OHL and professional hockey player, having played professionally in both the United States and Europe and the first male professional hockey player to come out as gay. 


Brock’s initial work, built upon his lived experience and communication skills, has quickly made him an advocate for diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on the LGBTQ+ community. speak on the importance of language and our ability to create social shifts at corporations, events, conferences, colleges/universities and schools. Including a recent selection to speak on a panel at the Work Human Conference in San Antonio. Previous speakers include Michelle Obama and Michael J Fox. 


Brock’s story and work have been featured in media globally including feature segments on CBC’s The National, CTV’s Your Morning, and Entertainment Tonight, on the cover of IN Magazine, in the book “Everyday Hockey Heroes” by Bob McKenzie and the National Film Board of Canada documentary Standing on The Line. 


McGillis has branched out and beyond his speaking he currently co-stars, with Mrs. Kasha Davis, in the new hit digital series This Is Sh*t by World of Wonder, the creator of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which focuses on the fact that we all have struggles and we feel better when we deal with them and also recognize we are not the only ones going through something.

“I suppressed my sexuality to the point that I was angry at myself if I had sexual thoughts that weren’t heterosexual.”


Become the Anti

Discrimination can be defined as “the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age or sexual orientation.” But explaining why it happens tends to be much more complicated. Not being discriminatory is not enough in today’s society.  It’s critical to become anti-discriminationatory, including anti homophobic. Brock McGillis is focused on humanizing the issue and teaching others how to not only shift their perspectives and ideals but enhancing the ability and action of  being a shift maker in society. 

Empower Yourself

Brock McGillis’ story is one of empowerment. His life challenges have taught him that only you; yourself, can accept all of the elements and assets that create your individuality. Once you accept and accomplish these fundamentals then you will be able to love yourself, grow and change into the person you have always wanted to be.  From this metamorphosis, you will feel empowered to live authentically, overcome obstacles, and take control of your life.

Maximize Productivity

What should we value? What do we value deep down to our toes? Studies have shown that the happier an employee is, the more productive they are. To maximize productivity and success within a company, we must not only be successful in the books but successful as an entity. A company’s success is due to the actions that make them, quite literally “visionary.”  By creating an inclusive environment, and following patterns of evolution as we grow as a species will allow the company to create a safe and stable community.

From this, employees will be happier and therefore lead them to be more productive. They are not just employees, as they are representations of the company and the foundation blocks of success. Let Brock guide you through different techniques in terms of breaking barriers of conformity, unconscious biases, microaggressions and so much more to guide your company from the conscious thought of what if, and replace it with “and.”

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