Jesse Lipscombe

Jesse Lipscombe

Co-founder, “#makeitawkward campaign”

Actor and Producer


Jesse Lipscombe is an actor, former athlete, activist, entrepreneur and producer. The Alberta native began his career as an actor at age 14 in the film, Children of the Dust, starring legendary actor, Sidney Poitier. At 18, Jesse took a focus to athletic. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia to study at Morehouse University, where he held a full track-and-field scholarship.  Presently, Jesse continues to act, while also producing many award-winning film and television productions (It’s Not My Fault, I Don’t Care Anyway, Tiny Plastic Men). Jesse is also a successful entrepreneur. He is behind the FlowPower fitness program, as well as the co-owner of fitness studios, and restaurants. 


In 2017, Jesse was the recipient of the Obsidian Award for Top Business Leader in Western Canada.  That year, he was also named the Community Man of the Year by Diversity Magazine. 


Through it all, Jesse makes it his top priority to give back to his community. Jesse works with various annual charity fundraisers and partnerships in his home-base of Edmonton. In 2016, Jesse launched the #MakeItAwkward campaign to combat racism, misogyny, homophobia and hatred of all kinds. 


#MakeItAwkward: The Road to Inclusivity


We seem to take two steps forward and fifty back when it comes to living in peace and harmony with each other. Lipscombe will provide the necessary tools to turn everyday people into ambassadors of change. Just showing up isn’t enough. We want people who are committed to being courageous when most back down; who will stand up for the dignity and human rights of everyone; and who, most importantly, will take what they’ve learned into their own workplaces, schools and lives — ultimately creating a more fair, equal and inclusive society. With his unique style of fluid storytelling, Lipscombe will connect and relate how to incorporate the #MakeItAwkward mantra into your life. Change is never easy and being a part of it will often feel awkward. Lipscombe will drive home how important the little things are.  You will discover how small micro-aggressions have created a dangerous and unsafe landscape for many marginalized individuals. In addition, you will leave empowered to know that YOU are the change-maker we have all been waiting for.


Failing is the Only Way to Win


While reflecting on his “heyday” as a professional athlete, it dawned on Lipscombe that failure and success are very closely related. Every win, every celebration only occurred AFTER a failure. This sporting lesson transferred to other parts of life, and he observed this same phenomena in several other highly successful individuals. Successful failure is when you push your limits to the absolute max. It’s not until one fails that they have a realistic notion of where they are and what they can do at any particular moment.

Lipscombe will explain what his life theory of “batting 1000” means in relation to failure.  The term “failure” itself will have a new meaning and become the very thing we strive for. For just on the other side of failure, is success. Join Jesse as he unpacks “failure” and lays out — step-by- step — the very thing we’ve been avoiding all of our lives.

Sales 101: How Selling Cars Saved my Job Life


When Jesse walked away from a company he founded and ran for over seven years to sell cars on a lot, the reaction was pretty much what you’d imagine: “have you lost your f$ckin mind?” What started as a way to make some quick cash soon turned into rapid schooling and lessons that helped his business and others in similar situations. Lipscombe’s company needed money and needed it fast. He knew one thing: In order to create more cash flow, he needed to increase sales or reduce overhead. He found a way to do both.



Jesse opted to leave his business so that you will not have to. Instead, use the lessons from this keynote to benefit where you are — and give yourself space to grow.


Topics Covered:

  1. When your business can’t afford you
  2. We can do anything (margins and price setting)
  3. Lessons From the Lot
  4. Management Matters
  5. Believe
  6. Trust The Process
  7. How Much Does Money Matter?
  8. Sacrifice a Little to Gain a Lot


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