Damon Stoudamire


Head Coach, University of the Pacific Men’s Basketball
Retired Professional Basketball Player, NBA


Celina Caesar- Chavannes


Entrepreneur, Former Elected Official and Author


Bill Walton


NBA Legend


Dr. Jody Carrington


Renowned Psychologist & Bestselling Author


Jodi Kovitz


Founder, #movethedial


Jesse Lipscombe


Co-founder, #MakeItAwkward


Doug Griffiths


Best Selling Author of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community


Kaleb Dahlgren


Bestselling Author & Inspiring Community Leader


Doug Lipp


Renowned Leadership Expert


Jeremie Saunders


Co-Host, Sickboy Podcast


Hayley Wickenheiser


Most Decorated Female Canadian Hockey Player In History


Michael “Pinball” Clemons


CFL Hall of Famer


Corey Hirsch


Mental Health Activist
Former NHL Goaltender


Catriona Le May Doan


Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist


Karina LeBlanc


General Manager, Portland Thorns


Julie Angus


First Woman To Row Across Atlantic Ocean


Hal and Joanne


Hosts, Body Break


Jack Armstrong


Award-Winning Broadcaster


Cassie Campbell-Pascall


2x Olympic Gold Medallist & Broadcast Analyst


Erik Brown


Only North American Diver Involved In Heroic Thailand Cave Rescue


Kofi Hope


CEO & Co-Founder, Monumental