Mental Health Speakers

Ben Nemtin


The Buried Life


Erin Treloar


Founder and CEO, RAW Beauty Talks


André Picard


Award-Winning National Health Writer


Jesse Thistle


Indigenous Rights Activist & Bestselling Author


Dale Curd


Host, CBC’s Hello Goodbye | Author


Devon Brooks


CEO & Founder, Sphere
Co-Founder, Blo Dry Bars


Jeremie Saunders


Producer and Co-host, Sickboy Podcast


Steven Page




Shea Emry


All-Star CFL Linebacker


Kevin Breel


Comedian & Mental Health Advocate
Author, ‘Boy Meets Depression’


Florence K


Host, C’est Formidable


Jonathan Metzl


Bestselling Author, Dying of Whiteness


Jennifer Moss


Member of the Global Happiness Council


Theo Fleury


Calgary Flames Icon & Mental Health Advocate


Corey Hirsch


Former NHL Goaltender & Mental Health Activist


The Buried Life


Stars of the Hit MTV Series “The Buried Life”




Award-Winning Canadian Podcast


Michael Ungar, PhD


Family Therapist


Mary Walsh


Comedian & Mental Health Activist 


Kaleb Dahlgren


Diabetes & Mental Health Activist



Mental Health is often ignored and not prioritized. 

Students and workers alike often ignore wellness, yet it is so essential to human prosperity and development. Provide your audience with the education they need to better understand the nature of mental illnesses and the importance of maintaining balance. Your audience will learn to contribute to healthier minds and hearts. Our speakers are an especially perfect choice for presentations during Mental Health Awareness week.

Our speakers are some of the strongest individuals you will ever meet, and they care for their mental health whether their struggling with mental illness or not; like the bodily health, mental health is a spectrum. It can always be improved.