Mental Health Speakers

Ben Nemtin


The Buried Life


Erin Treloar


Founder and CEO, RAW Beauty Talks


Kevin Breel


Author, ‘Boy Meets Depression’


Amanda Lindhout


Bestselling Author, “A House in the Sky”


Shea Emry


All-Star CFL Linebacker


The Buried Life


Stars of the Hit MTV Series “The Buried Life”


Florence K


Host, C’est Formidable


Jonathan Metzl


Bestselling Author, Dying of Whiteness



What is mental health? How can we take better care of ourselves, and help others battle mental illnesses? Students and workers alike often ignore wellness due to the mental health stigmas, yet mental health is so essential to human prosperity and development. Provide your audience with the education they need to better understand the nature of mental illnesses and the importance of maintaining life balances that contribute to healthier minds and hearts. Our speakers are an especially perfect choice for presentations during Mental Health Awareness week.


We think about our bodily health all the time; worries about obesity, inactivity, and aging, yearly visits to have a physical done, massages, bandages on scrapes; we know that it’s important to keep our bodies fit in order to be all that we can be. What often goes neglected in our efforts is our mental health; think about how often we go for physicals versus how often we go for “mentals” and the different emphasis is clear.


That’s a shame because mental health is health; dualism has been largely rejected, and we know that the mind feeds the body and that the body feeds the mind. To be truly healthy, both your mind and body must be in good form. What does mental health mean? It means a state of well-being; of knowing who you are, and where you want to go. It means resilience; the ability to get through stressful situations, to work hard when you need to, to know when it’s time to take a break and relax. It means being aware of your emotions and mindful of your needs; once you become mentally healthy, it’s easier for you to tend to the needs of others.


Being mentally healthy means less missed days of work, and more opportunity to pursue what’s meaningful to you. It means physical health as well; when you’re so stressed it’s hard to get out of bed, how can you expect to make it to the gym every day? That’s why every organization should strive to tend to the mental health of its members, as well as their physical health. Integrating meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection and other tools for mental health into a daily regimen helps people better evaluate who they are, where they’re going, and who and what can help them achieve their dreams.


To this end, we have presenters who have overcome their own struggles with mental illness; they have the tools and experience to help anyone improve their mental health. Take Ben Nemtin and The Buried Life crew; during a serious bout of depression, Ben’s friends took him out on the road to try and knock some items off his bucket list. Since then, he’s done incredible, awe-inspiring things while helping others complete their bucket lists too; all while battling the spectre of depression. Or take Erin Treloar, who helps women fight through the toxicity of beauty standards, having experienced the worst of it through the lens of an eating disorder she developed at 16. Amanda Lindhout went through what many would consider one of the worst possible experiences; she was a hostage in Somalia for 460 days. She explores how the stories we tell ourselves shape our overall narrative and affect us holistically.


There is a peculiar stigma about mental health; that it’s something only to be cared for if you’re mentally ill, or weak. Our speakers are some of the strongest individuals you will ever meet, and they care for their mental health whether their struggling with mental illness or not; like the bodily health, mental health is a spectrum. It can always be improved.


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