LinkedIn is a very useful tool. From job searches to interesting articles, this social site can come in clutch in many circumstances. Recently, our team put LinkedIn to the test. We took to our LinkedIn as we sought the best business book recommendations. With the thousands of books out there, it can be hard to find one to start with. Our LinkedIn followers did not disappoint! In less than an hour, we had quite the business book list. (Thank you!)


If we’re being honest, we probably won’t get to read all the books, but it’s the thought that counts right? We will share them though. And so, we present 10 business book recommendations straight from LinkedIn (links included).

  1. The Tipping Point- Malcolm Gladwell
  2. Atomic Habits- James Clear
  3. Radical Candor- Kim Scott
  4. The Ultimate Sales Machine- Chet Holmes
  5. Built to Sell and Profit First- John Warrillow
  6. Genetics of Independent Consulting: Lessons Learned Over 30 Years- Wayne Balardo
  7. The Ride of a Lifetime- Bob Iger
  8. Feck Perfuction- James Victore
  9. Exponential Organizations- Salim Ismael
  10. Extreme Ownership- Jocko Willink