John Stix offers his expertise in authentic leadership and empowerment-focused technology at the Child Dignity conference in Rome
By Emily McConkey

This past October, Talent Bureau speaker John Stix was invited to participate in the “Child Dignity in the Digital World” World Congress, held in Vatican City by Pope Francis himself. The Congress brought together a number of international government figures, academic experts, religious representatives, and tech industry leaders such as John to discuss the issue of online child exploitation and abuse.

As an “I’m In” transformation specialist, John has helped multiple organizations to implement positive leadership and workplace culture strategies focused on engagement, which he describes as “authentic connection to purpose.” He has shown the worth of living out this transformation in and outside of the workplace, encouraging people to find meaningful ways of “living an inward life.” As he explains, “An authentic life is an inward journey. We’ve all been taught to live an outward life: go to school, hurry here, hurry there. We need a reset of consciousness, to align our outward actions with our inner values and goals.”

John lives out this philosophy by cultivating a life that reflects his inner values, both in his personal life and in his entrepreneurial ventures. As the president of KidsWifi, John focuses on happiness, teamwork, and gratitude while leading his team in creating a safer world for children online. With this level of expertise in and devotion to the cause, it’s clear that his participation in Pope Francis’ world congress was invaluable.