Creating a virtual event that is remarkable and memorable is important. It’s a new way of thinking, but applying design thinking, similar to how you approach creating fantastic physical experiences, is key.


The goal of creating remarkable moments during conferences is often to:

  • Keep people engaged
  • Create shareable moments
  • Create joy among attendees
  • Facilitate opportunities to network and connect
  • Leave your audience wanting more!


Here are a few ideas to fulfill this same goal in virtual meetings:


GiveawaysKeep your audience engaged in the content of the meeting by offering a prize or giveaway. Sure, you won’t be tossing free shirts their way, but you can send a snazzy e-gift their way!


Small groups – Online events won’t always need to be entirely remote for attendees. When and where it’s safe to do so, encourage small viewing parties allowing people to still come together, bond in small groups and elevate the experience. Remember to implement safe social distancing practices.


Celebrities and Special Guests – The costs of having a celebrity or special guest join your virtual event is much lower than a traditional celebrity appearance. Take advantage of the savings and wow your audience with a presentation, conversation or Q&A with famed personalities.


Branding – While there is a temptation to worry less about the event’s brand and simply get it done, consider taking the brand even more seriously. Design assets that pop, be thoughtful about your event title and theme that can make it unforgettable for attendees and potential attendees.


Facilitated Networking – Many online event platforms have built-in networking and direct attendee messaging tools, so be sure to facilitate those interactions. Make time and space for networking in your agenda, promote the function to attendees and offer conversation starters.


Be Real – There are a lot of masks worn by people at conferences and events, so let’s collectively allow virtual events to become real, honest gatherings. Don’t shy away from addressing the challenges people are facing, encourage people to be honest and we’ll see an elevated dialogue in our events.


Social Engagement – Just because your whole event is online doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be experiences, moments and opportunities for attendees to share on their social channels. Think about the “Instagrammable” moments you can create in your virtual environment or the social campaigns that can accompany your event.