Experiential & interactive keynote speakers stimulate employee engagement and creative thinking. Interactive learning and training foster innovation and collaboration as they encourage audiences to work through challenges creatively – thinking outside of the corporate box.

Consider booking an interactive keynote speaker for your next conference, convention, team meeting or event. Talent Bureau has access to leading interactive keynote speakers and the most impactful experience speakers in Canada and worldwide. Our agents will ensure that these interactive speakers stimulate your audiences and deliver presentations, workshops, and keynotes that provide insight into your industry and improve your audience’s ability to problem-solve, collaborate, and get creative in the workplace.

Here are the most effective interactive keynote speakers for your next event:

Freestyle Socials – The Collaboration Experiment

Freestyle Socials is a popular social collaboration workshop developed by The Nature of Thing’s host, Anthony Morgan. Anthony Morgan is an award-winning science communicator who has co-developed this innovative workshop to challenge old thinking patterns and open the door to flexible and imaginative thinking in a group setting. With custom topical content, Freestyle Socials help build brain power with disagreements done well.

Doc Hendley – The Filter Build Experience

Doc Hendley is a global humanitarian and the founder of the non-profit Wine to Water. Wine to Water’s commitment is to ensure the accessibility of clean water to low-income areas and build a community-based model by supporting the life and dignity of all through the power of clear water.

In his meaningful interactive keynote, Doc encourages audiences to work together to assemble his trademarked Filter Build experience while learning the advantages of nurturing communities and helping others.

Pit Crew Experience

The Pit Crew experience puts your audience in the shoes of the high-stress, high-stakes job of a pit crew member. This thrilling experience shifts the audience’s mindsets as they discover how to break down processes, understand the dynamics of high-performing teams and collaborate to make sure their car wins the race!

The Adam Growe Quiz Show

Adam Growe is is the famed host of fan-favourite Cash Cab. He helps audiences loosen up at conferences and events through his tactical comedic skills.

The Adam Growe Quiz show is a perfect blend of custom comedic entertainment and an interactive trivia bonanza! His energy and corporate-friendly comedy will bond your audiences over laughs and nail-biting trivia.

Improv Insights with Colin Mochrie

Laughter is the best medicine – for body, soul and the workplace. Iconic Canadian comedian Colin Mochrie delivers hilarious improv with customized laughs for your audience. Shake up your moody office blues and bring positive energy with Colin and his comedic genius.

Duncan Wardle – Design Thinking Process

Duncan Wardle is the former Head of Innovation & Creativity at The Walt Disney Company and the founder of innov8. He has the highly sought-after magic touch that transforms organizations into epicentres of creativity and innovative culture. Using his Design Thinking process, Duncan inspires audiences to leverage their unique creative minds and develop the bravery to think differently.

Match Game with Darrin Rose

Canada’s Just for Laughs & Comedy Network star, Darrin Rose, brings Match Game (Canada) to your audience in this interactive and exciting event. Darrin shares his favourite Match Game moments and leads your audience in their version of the popular TV show! Get a glimpse into the teamwork and realities of behind-the-scenes TV show processes.

Chip Eichelberger’s Board Breaking

Discover the unique and interactive board-breaking experience with motivational sales strategist Chip Eichelberger. Deemed “intense, emotional and climactic,” this team-building experience helps audiences clarify their individual and team goals. Chip’s motivational leadership will inspire your team members and audiences to recognize their obstacles and push past their limits to achieve their ultimate goals.

Drum Cafe

Did you know? Studies have shown that collective group drumming can promote well-being.

Drum Cafe brings the rhythm of drum beats to unite people and create a sense of community and unity. Unique and transformative, this interactive entertainment company has perfected the art of collaboration through moving drumming exercises. Audiences have expressed that after Drum Cafe sessions, they have felt an increase in trust, communication and creativity.

Speaking of drums, should we add Harnaryan?

Jade Simmons – Move Like a Maverick

Jade Simmons brings motivation and music to your audience! Jade is a rockstar concert pianist and a successful business strategist. Her keynotes have been known to make profound impacts on audiences across the globe. Jade’s dazzling live experience leaves audiences entertained and energized as they listen to her impeccable storytelling, meaningful insights and endless inspiration behind the woman named “Classical Music’s #1 Maverick.” Plus, it will make you think twice about skipping piano lessons as a child.

Omari Newton – Collective Transformation

Capture your audience’s attention with Omari Newton’s effortless capability to inspire and begin a radical change of collective support within your organization. Omari uses original spoken word poetry, comedy and his professional theatre training to inspire audiences of a deeply personal story of how his change in mindset became the catalyst for a life-changing transformation. Omari’s performances are unlike any other keynote, interactive keynote or workshop.