Consumers spent almost 10 hours daily with media devices in 2019. Let me guess what that number is in 2020? Umm, 24 hours?

If this year has proved anything, it’s that we can’t stay without technology if we want to work. It is no longer viable to just quit every social media app and think you’re safe from surveillance capitalism. We need technology to make our lives easier so that we can stay at home in the middle of the pandemic and work to the best of our abilities.

So even though ‘The Great Hack’ and ‘The Social Dilemma’ documentaries have made us more mindful and afraid, I cannot quit technology, none of us can. What we can do, however, is to be mindful of cybersecurity protocols to be in better control of our destinies.

Every business and every individual is at risk of a cyber-attack. One way for companies to avoid the threat of this risk is to make their employees aware through cybersecurity awareness. A great way to start is to implement basic cybersecurity training. We, Talent Bureau, have a growing list of speakers who will equip your employees with the expertise needed to ensure a safe cyber environment.

Kevin Mitnick

Learn the risks of hacking from the world-famous hacker, and top cybersecurity keynote speaker & threat demonstrator- Kevin Mitnick! The FBI had once listed him one of their Most Wanted after a mass ‘electronic joyride.’ Kevin had managed to hack into over 40 major corporations and government agencies for sport and not for monetary gain.

Mark Sedra

Mark Sedra is the President and co-founder of the Security Governance Group (SGG), a consulting firm specializing in security and governance issues in fragile and conflict-affected states. He also acts as the Executive Director and co-founder of the Centre for Security Governance (CSG), a non-profit think tank focused on the study of security sector reform and related issues, for your next virtual event.

Nikolas Badminton

Nikolas is a renowned Futurist whose awe-inspiring vision of trends shape the future of world-leading organizations and governments. His insights on exponential technologies and cultural change have sparked the interest of many over the globe.

Ben Makuch

Who better to guide you on cybersecurity than Ben Makuch, an award-winning national security reporter with VICE News in New York City. Makuch hosted the hit TV show Cyberwar on the VICELAND network, an investigative documentary series examining the covert world of signals intelligence and hackers.


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