Canadian Business Speakers


Consider booking a Canadian Business Speaker for your next corporate event, conference or team workshop. Talent Bureau will connect you with transformative industry leaders who share their expertise on building effective business strategies, leadership, change managaent, innovation and more with audiences across North America. Book your keynote speakers with Talent Bureau to ensure an unforgettable experience for your audience. 

Discover Canada’s Influential Business Minds


Dr. Jody Carrington
Renowned Psychologist |
Human Connection Expert | Bestselling Author


Celina Caesar-Chavannes
Award-Winning Business Consultant | Transformative Leadership Expert


Barbara Corcoran
Business Thought Leader, ABC’s Shark Tank


Dr. Hayley Wickenhesier
Hockey Legend | Highly-Respected Leadership Specialist 


Angela Sterritt
Award-Winning Investigative Journalist | National Bestselling Author


Emily O’Brien
Accomplished Social Entrepreneur | Prison Reform Advocate


Raia “Coach” Carey
Manager of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at SickKids Foundation


Arlene Dickinson
Dragon’s Den Star | CEO of Venture Communications


Beverly Priestman
Leadership Expert |
Head Coach, Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team


Julie Angus
First Woman to Row Across the Atlantic Ocean


Karina LeBlanc
Olympian | President of Operations & General Manager, Portland Thorns


Erica Dhawan
Leading Authority on 21st-Century Teamwork, Collaboration, and Innovation


Amanda Lindhout
Resilience Expert | International Bestselling Author, A House in the Sky


Justice Faith Betty

Justice Faith Betty
Social Entrepreneur | Impact Advisor | Co-Founder of Révolutionnaire 


Jessica Moorhouse
Money Expert | Media Personality | Founder, MoorMoney Media Inc


Brandi Morin
Indigenous Author Journalist & Authority on Indigenous Issues and Affairs


Kate Beirness
Host, SportsCentre TSN


Sarah Edmondson
Co-Host, A Little Bit Culty | Cult Educator | Leadership Authority 


Dr. Chitra Anand
Innovation and Culture Change Keynote Speaker | Intrapreneurialism Expert


Gayathri Shukla
People-Focused Leadership Expert


Leading Voices in Canadian Business

Spark change at your next event by booking a Canadian Business Speaker at Talent Bureau. These vetted expert keynote speakers will help your team discover and implement effective changes that will distinguish you from your competitors. Our curated speakers are guaranteed to deliver tailored, impactful presentations that will have your audiences talking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of booking a business speaker?

Booking a business speaker offers numerous benefits for your event. These speakers bring expertise, insights, and inspiration tailored to the needs of your audience. They provide valuable industry knowledge, actionable strategies, and real-world experiences that can help your attendees learn, grow, and succeed. Business speakers also help increase engagement, drive attendance, and elevate the overall experience of your event. Their compelling presentations and thought-provoking content leave a lasting impression on your audience, motivating them to take action and achieve their goals.

How can Talent Bureau help me find the best business speakers in Canada?

Talent Bureau specializes in connecting clients with the best business speakers in Canada for their events. Our extensive network includes industry experts, thought leaders, and successful entrepreneurs who can deliver impactful presentations tailored to your needs. With our experienced agents and personalized approach, we carefully match your event requirements with the expertise and style of our speakers, ensuring a perfect fit. From keynote addresses to panel discussions, we handle all aspects of speaker selection, negotiation, and logistics, making the process seamless and stress-free for you. Trust Talent Bureau to find the ideal business speaker who will inspire and engage your audience, leaving a lasting impression on your event.

What will Canadian business speakers teach my audience?

Canadian business speakers offer a wealth of knowledge and insights to your audience. They cover a wide range of topics, including leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more. Through engaging presentations, they share practical strategies, success stories, and industry trends that empower your audience to excel in their careers and businesses. Whether it’s navigating market challenges, embracing change, or fostering a culture of innovation, Canadian business speakers deliver actionable insights and inspiration that resonate with your audience’s needs and goals. They provide valuable takeaways and actionable advice that drive personal and professional growth, leaving your audience motivated and equipped to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

How do I begin the booking process with Talent Bureau?

Beginning the speaker booking process with Talent Bureau is easy and straightforward. Simply reach out to us via phone, email, or our online contact form to discuss your event requirements and objectives. Our experienced agents will schedule a consultation to understand your event goals, audience demographics, and desired speaker criteria. Based on this information, we’ll provide personalized recommendations and expert guidance to help you select the perfect speaker for your event. Once you’ve chosen a speaker, we’ll handle all the details, from contract negotiations to travel arrangements, ensuring a seamless and successful experience for you and your audience. Get started today and let Talent Bureau help you elevate your event with a world-class speaker!

Why choose us?

Award-winning talent

We work with the absolute best across a variety of industries. From business icons to NHL All-Stars and former Prime Ministers to the odd celebrity impersonator – we deliver what’s best for your audience.

Vetted speakers

If we recommend someone, it means we have vetted them, their content and their impact they will have on your audience.

Service matters

Simply put, we treat you as we like to be treated. We offer quick service, truly customized recommendations, transparency and hopefully a laugh or two along the way.