Alexandre Bilodeau is many things to many people. To Canadians all over, he is an Olympic hero; the first Canadian to win Gold on home soil, and the first Olympic freestyle skier to defend his Gold medal in the following Olympic games. To his family, he is a pillar of love, support, and happiness. Now, to his clients, he is a chartered public accountant and entrepreneur. Such an incredible life must come with an incredible story, and Alex Bilodeau’s feats are sure to inspire.

Born in Rosemère, Quebec in 1987, Alex has always been into sport. As a young man, like many Canadians, Alex was obsessed with hockey; his engagement in the sport stopped early, however. His brother, Frédéric, was born with cerebral palsy, and couldn’t skate; doctors even told the family he likely wouldn’t be able to walk by age 12. His mother also tired of traveling to hockey rinks around the province to allow Alex to play; she suggested instead he take up skiing, a hobby the whole family could enjoy. Alex did so, and seeing Jean-Luc Brassard’s incredible 1994 run, decided he would become an Olympic gold medalist.

Alex is a man who follows through on his dreams, and he did so in 2010 at the Vancouver Olympics, winning Gold in the Men’s Freestyle. He decided to take a short break from skiing, then took up the sport again in order to try to repeat the feat at Sochi in 2014. He succeeded and ran to his brother to embrace him. He decided to retire from the sport after Sochi; he had known that no matter what happened, it would be his last run as a professional skier. He wanted to have more than one successful career in his life.

He went to school to learn accounting, and is now working at KPMG as a chartered public accountant. He told the Globe and Mail he’s always seen athletes as entrepreneurs; they have to surround themselves with the right people, vye for sponsorships, shake hands, make connections and work long and passionate hours. Never one to sit down for too long, Alex is ready to make waves in the world of finance.

Though he draws inspiration from a variety of sources, he says his biggest hero is his brother. Cerebral palsy is physically debilitating, but Frédéric stays positive and optimistic; he did not, as doctors predicted, lose his ability to walk at 12, and always put the effort into experiencing physical activity with his family. Alex says that his brother’s positivity reminds him not to sweat the little stuff.

Alexandre Bilodeau is an incredible speaker with a great life story; he already sees the ties between sport and the entrepreneurial spirit, and he’ll be sure to share his enthusiasm for the concept with the members of your organization. Talent Bureau hosts Olympic heroes speakers who will inspire and excite you with their stories of trials, tribulations, and triumphs.